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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ooh La La! - Salty Cheese Is Good For You

Loyal readers will recall that barely a few weeks ago I wrote about Nanny's anti cheese campaign (based on the fact that cheese contains salt, which Nanny hates).

Seemingly Nanny's most hated of cheeses is Roquefort, not because it is French but because it has the highest levels of salt.

Anyhoo, but a few weeks on and some scientists from Lycotec (a Cambridge bio-tech company) have discovered that Roquefort has specific anti-inflammatory properties that may account for the “French paradox”; wherein people who live in France enjoy good health despite favouring a diet high in saturated fat.

The properties of the cheese were found to work best in acidic environments of the body, such as the lining of the stomach or the skin surface. According to the Telegraph acidification is also a common process accompanying inflammation such as in joints affected by arthritis or special plaque on an artery wall.
The team from Lycotec said:
Molded cheeses, including Roquefort, may be even more favourable to cardiovascular health.” 
So there you are, not only is salt good for your heart but the fat in the cheese must be good for it as well!.

As I have noted many times before, the body is like an engine; it needs fat/oil in the blood in order to help the blood flow smoothly through the veins!

I dare say that Stilton has exactly the same effect.

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  1. Everything in moderation and you won't go wrong.

    I like Stilton especially, when Mrs Tonk goes out. I like to get about half a pound of Stilton, a couple of Granny Smith's apples, a few water biscuits and a bottle of a really good Bordeaux.
    I then like to sit down with the aforementioned goodies and put Mozart's horn concertos on the Hi-Fi with the volume turned up......This is heaven for me; am I odd?

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Even really stupid people must be sceptical about this, and other alleged research; and any research does not come cheap.
    The taxpayers, without consultation, have to pay for contradictory results from multiple tests on the same products that nobody in their right mind would have the slightest interest in.

  3. gfjhgfhgf1:46 PM

    I saw an article in a newspaper a while back about fat. Something about: if you have a band of fat round your waste you're going to die a horrible death, or words to that effect. I thought, well if it's in a newspaper it must be true, so I'd better do something about it.

    The obvious solution seemed, eat less and exercise more, but after three months I was fantastically fit but the fat hadn't budged.

    Plan B involved downloading an audio book "Why We Get Fat". The author reckoned if you want to lose fat, start eating fat, or rather cut down on carbohydrates, and eat fat and protein instead (sorry if you've heard all this low-carbs stuff before but I'm new to dieting). It also included a clause to say he couldn't be sued if I died a horrible death due to blocked arteries, but on the plus side, he reckoned it was unlikely, and that the dietary-fat story had been over cooked.

    Anyway, after two months I lost two stone. I discovered the hard way that you can't do rigorous exercise without carbohydrates but now I stay off potatoes and pasta etc, and partake only sparingly of carbs.

    1. gfjhgfhgf1:58 PM

      I should have mentioned that the solution works for fat round the waist too.