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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, November 01, 2013

Jam Goes Underground

Oh my giddy aunt, I see that our elected overlords intended to reduce the minimum sugar content of jam and marmalade sold in England.

Tessa Munt MP is unimpressed and says it spells "the end of the British breakfast as we know it".

The BBC quotes her:
"If these regulations change, we'll end up with something much more like the French and German product - and worse still the Americans - where they have things a bit like a fruit butter or a fruit spread. 

It's dull colours that don't taste the same and they certainly don't last as long."
Well said Ms Munt!

Such nonsense will drive jam production underground.

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  1. Tonk.2:02 PM

    Drip, drip, drip....slowly but surely, we are being turned into part of a new, large, socialist, superstate country called Europe.....They're even trying to make us all have standard loos in our homes across the entire new superstate.....Jam, Loos; is there anything they won't interfere in or make standard rules and regulations for?

    I already make my own jam so, perhaps I'll be able to make a killing selling my wares....Pssst, wanna buy some real jam?

  2. Tessa Munt?

    oxygen thief and deranged green nut job