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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bin Brother - Nanny Bans Pumpkin Seeds

My thanks to a loyal reader for pointing me in the direction of some post Halloween Nanny nonsense.

Now that Halloween is but a dim distant memory we may all relax until next year, that at least is what Zoe Eckersley of Knutsford thought. However, she had not reckoned on the waste disposal rules of Cheshire East Council.

When helping her children make a pumpkin lantern she scooped out the seeds and threw them in her green bin used for garden waste.

Big mistake!

Her bin was left unemptied. However, an official yellow form had been attached identifying the pumpkin seeds as the forbidden "waste".

For why?

Seemingly there was a risk of "spreading disease", in fact all home grown veg are banned from green bins by this council.

By the way the council won't empty the bin, even if she removes the seeds, until next spring.

As per the Mail Councillor David Topping, cabinet member in charge of the environment, said:
"All of our waste collection crews are trained to assess the contents of garden bins before they are emptied into the collection vehicle, and they will not be emptied if the crew find any waste that could be considered as food waste.

As garden waste was sent to local farms for composting, they could face prosecution if food waste was mixed in."
I would welcome comments from those who actually know about agriculture etc, as to my humble view the banning of pumpkin seeds on the basis of disease risk seems a tad OTT.

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  1. Cheshire East? I believe they are trying to go it alone on minimum alcohol pricing and the OFT has had a word in their ear about it.