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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nanny Is Mother, Nanny Is Father

I can't say that I find Baroness Sally Morgan's suggestion that kids start school from the age of two to be exactly to my taste.

Her rationale being that poor parenting, poor diet and poor housing meant disadvantaged children were often not ready to start formal schooling at five.

Maybe so, but it is not the state's role to bring up children. Additionally, placing children as young as two in schools effectively "institutionalises" them and robs them of their childhood.

How on earth can such a proposal produce better more rounded adults capable of functioning for themselves in the real world?

The issue lies with the parents, not the state!

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  1. Tonk.3:29 PM

    Well said Ken!

    Most of the problem, is that many of the "Baby producing" machines have no time nor interest in their kids. They all too often see them as benefit cash cows.....I know a woman who has four kids from four fathers. ( I call her The Range Rover; four by four) She is for ever screaming at her kids and trying to fob them off on anybody who'll look after them. The local Primary School opens before 08-00hrs for breakfast club and closes at 18-00hrs at the conclusion of after school clubs.....Many of the parents see this as a convenient baby sitting service. There are kids starting school that are still in nappies; pure lazyness by the mother due to disposable nappies.

    Our education system is little more than a socialist indoctrination system.....The kids spend more time at school than I ever did but too few can count or string together a coherent sentence but, they all "know" man made global warming is real and must not be questioned and they all know men are all peadophiles and adults can't be trusted etc.

    Nanny is the enemy of the people and our way of life......School at two years old?....Whatever happened to childhood? I could make a good case for no schooling until age seven.

  2. I'm not a big fan of compulsory schooling anyway, let alone at age 2. School is a nightmare for some kids and often denies them their basic civil rights. Schooling does not necessarily equal education, as we all well know, with schools graduating kids from high school who cant read. No, this is the just another grab by the state to get our kids even earlier.

  3. Once again, I find myself in full agreement with both Ken and Tonk, because this is one of the most ludicrous ideas I have ever heard! Apart from depriving children of their childhood, I am very strongly of the view that childcare is the prime responsibility of parents, not the state, schools or anyone else to whom they see fit to abdicate their responsibilities. If parents do not want the responsibility of caring for children, they shouldn't have any.