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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Dangers of Vacuum Cleaners

I see that our EU overlords have legislated against "powerful" vacuum cleaners (those over 1,600 watts), which will be banned as from September 2014.

This will prove something of a problem for those who try to keep their homes free of dust, as the average wattage currently stands at 1,800.

However, the sucking situation will worsen, as by 2017 the maximum wattage allowed will be 900 watts.

There is a rather obvious flaw with the EU's master plan to save the planet. The lower the wattage, the longer the vacuum will have to be used for in order to fulfill its function!

Methinks banning the EU would be more effective, as it would massively reduce the emissions of harmful "hot air" gasses.

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  1. Tonk.4:00 PM

    I too would like to see the EUSSR suffer the same fate as its now deceased relative, the USSR....Banning any domestic appliance to appease the apostles of the new false religion of man made climate change is crazy.

    I was very annoyed to see our dear leader (President of EUSSR) dressed in her Liberace jacket pretending to be something important at the Iran nuclear deal announcement.....I thought it was for the most powerful nations; France, UK, China, Russia and the USA....Not for the president of a Walter Mitty trade organisation that wants to become some kind of giant socialist superstate against the will of those us, unlucky enough to live within its proposed borders.

    Is there anything that the EUSSR thinks is outside of its remit?

  2. I become so infuriated when I read these posts that I seriously wonder if I shouldn't smash my PC and tablet into tiny pieces. The ever increasing burden of this abominable and repressive and intrusive legislation is killing the western world. Being a boomer, and having drunk myself into a coma for forty years whilst smoking a packet a day I've had a great life - and it's mine to do with as I wish! Sorry - I'm ranting, but I find the modern democratic state to be a new form of fascism that will not tolerate dissent. Enough!!!