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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Highland Nanny Bans Booze

My sympathies to the good people of the Highlands who face a booze crack down, as Nanny's chums from the Highland Licensing Board have consulted on a number of options that would restrict the numbers of off-licences.

One of the options being considered by the board is for a Highland-wide ban against any new licences for off-sales over a certain capacity (ie rationing), another being considered is the banning of new off-licences.

Two other options being considered are that the ban is only enforced in certain ward areas or 25 badly affected areas identified by NHS Highland.

Seemingly out of the 12 organisations, including Police Scotland, NHS Highland and a number of charities, that took part in the consultation, a total of eight backed a Highland-wide ban.

The restriction will affect larger supermarket chains not small independent businesses. Were one to believe the figures, NHS Highland claims that 40.5% of the Highland population exceed weekly and, or, daily drinking limits.

Given how grim the weather can be there at certain times of the year, and the fact that the sun sets rather earlier in the winter there than it does on the Sarf coast, I am surprised the figure is so low!

An NHS Highland spokesman is quoted by STV:

"Alcohol is an important part of Highland life. Whisky production and associated businesses provides work for thousands of people and brings money into the Highland economy. It can also make a positive contribution to an individual’s mental, and social health, and wellbeing.
There are numerous negative impacts resulting from alcohol not being used sensibly and the Public Health paper sets out a strong argument for alcohol overprovision throughout Highland. Over the last decade social trends towards alcohol have changed with the sales of alcohol increasing through off-sales and decreasing through on-sales.
This has resulted in people purchasing alcohol from large retail businesses and increased consumption in the home environment. Essentially alcohol has become normalised and has become a daily household product. The Public Health paper also provides evidence of drive and walk times to premises that sell alcohol. It is startling to note that 90% of the population is within a 10 minute drive time of a licensed premise.
The overall impact has been negative effects on the population’s health and wellbeing, on family life and also on the economy. Public Health supports this because it targets businesses where most sales are made and would not have a detrimental effect on the myriad of small and medium sized businesses."

I don't know on which planet the spokesman lives, but alcohol has been "normalised" as part of British society since we covered ourselves in wode!

This sort of Nanny nonsense will undermine both the local economy and society of the Highlands.

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  1. Aren't we plebs so lucky that we have our betters to tell us how to live our lives!
    And what are "drinking limits"? Who gets to decide? And is this a one size fits all scheme? I'm a teetotaler myself. Some like a glass when they get home from work. Some over do it on the weekend. None of my business. None of Nannys. Soon it will be back to moonshine and speak easys.

  2. Tonk.3:38 PM

    I think Debbie hits the nail on the head.....I suspect that Nanny feels that she needs to be doing something, anything....My MP, John Redwood, has a piece on this on his blog today.

    My own view is that, since Nanny has handed over all the big decisions to Euro Nanny, she has to fill her time some how, to justify her very existence if nothing else, so she pokes her nose into every area of our lives; the very areas that we used to be trusted to take care of ourselves......Give someone a fancy title or a high viz jacket and the power goes to their head.

    I suppose it could be worse.....We could be like poor Debbie in the states and have Saint Barrack of Obey Me nannying over us!

  3. Tonk,most of us are lucky in that our local governments leave us alone. They pick up trash without being petty, issue permits,and pretty much stay within the bounds of the limited goverence that is their mandate. (Unless you live in New York City where their odious mayor is more interested in outlawing large soda's then dealing with hurricane sandy victims.....and the newly elected mayor? A commie thru and thru!) Its the feds we have have to look out for. NEVER in my 50 years have I seen such an assault on our free speech, gun rights, privacy, due process etc. But the wheels are coming off of all of it. Unfortunately the school systems are a lefty indoctrination center. LUCKILY, homeschooling is legal and more and more people are choosing NOT to give their kids to the state for 12 years, so they cant get everyone. The pendulum will swing. It always does.

    1. Tonk.4:39 PM

      I hope you're right Debbie.....We have had the lefty indoctrination system known as our education system for a few decades now but, it has got worse in the last couple.....I almost cry when I hear the rubbish which my three grandchildren have been taught at school.

      Those of the left worked out that, if they can control what people see and hear on the media and can control what people are taught at school, they can then control society.....We have gone from a confident, independent nation of people to what we are today. We are going down the federal route with the EU.....I think it is too late for the UK but, hopefully, our cousins across the pond may be able to save themselves.
      A nation's real problems start when those indoctrinated by the state into all things left and PC, start to produce their own offspring....They all then perceive that this is the norm, they cannot remember what it was like before because they've never known anything better.....I feel very sorry for the young today......Watch out for the "Hi-Viz" infestation....Nannys symbol of power.!!

  4. Ex-pat in Canada4:04 PM

    Debbie: I live in the Toronto area - how would you like our Mayor? Smoke crack, gets blind drunk during public events and is making Toronto the laughing stock of Canada.

  5. Howard10:08 PM

    The figures suggest 60% aren't over "the limits".

    Why not??? We need MORE pubs, offies.....