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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Auntie's Pratgate

Further to yesterday's award to Auntie (the BBC) of my prestigious Prat of The Week award, for her handling of David Lowe and "The Sun Has Got His Hat On", it transpires that Auntie didn't follow her own internal approval procedures.

Seemingly the whole sorry business could have been avoided, if managers at the station had followed the usual protocol and approved the programme before it went to air.

Mr Lowe told the Telegraph he would always pre-record his shows about six days ahead of transmission, before uploading them along with a series of compliance forms to an internal system.

As part of the compliance process, he was required to nominate a third party in BBC management who would be available to listen to each programme and approve it before broadcast.

However, two days before the April 27th show, he logged onto the system and noticed that the programme was still listed as “pending” and had not been changed to “approved”.
I immediately emailed the managing editor and said ‘I see it has not been approved, we are getting a bit close for comfort.

He immediately came back to me and said ‘Ok, I will deal with that’. I said ‘Thanks a lot’ and forgot about it.

When I went back into the compliance form again on the Monday evening after transmission, I noticed the programme was still pending – in other words, it had not been approved for transmission.

Clearly the [compliance] system is cobbled together, it is fractured and it needs either scrapping or completely rethinking.” 
Mr Lowe also claimed a fellow BBC radio DJ had informed him the offending song was still visible on the corporation’s internal library on Monday morning, two weeks after the incident.

Auntie, well deserving Prat of The Week!

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