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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NICE Offers Ludicrous Obesity Advice

I see that National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (Nice) think that obese people, instead of going for extreme weight loss, should aim to lose around 3% of their body weight in a year.

Additionally, NICE also think that two thirds of the population should be sent to state-funded slimming classes run by firms such as Weight Watchers.

All very well and dandy, maybe. However, I have two observations:

- Who will fund these slimming classes?

- An obese person who loses 3% of his/her weight is still obese.

NICE has given advice that is both impractical and ludicrous!

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    "Who will fund these slimming classes?"

    I will, oops retract that, I've just lost my job. Some other fucker!

    "An obese person who loses 3% of his/her weight is still obese"

    It's a bit like mathematical "infinity" then isn't it Ken.

    To put things into perspective, a work colleague, long time smoker & drinker got a bit of a scare. Stopped smoking. Very next visit got hassled over drinking.

    For my own part, having had an accident that trashed my knees, I am constantly told by NHS professionals that I need more exercise without regard to fact said exercise requires proper knee functionality. Sod that.. what I'm trying to get to is some miserable NHS cow got offended because I called myself a "fat bloater".

    This was when I was layed on a trolley, about to go into an operation with a 10% chance of not surviving, I made a joke. She got all PC on me.