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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Nanny Bans Shoes

I was bemused to read about the shoeless policy adopted by Holmbush Primary School in Shoreham.

For reasons that are beyond my understanding the school's learning council has decided that shoeless classrooms improve the learning environment.

Could someone please explain how not wearing shoes in class improves one's ability to learn?

That aside, as with all Nanny type rules something went a little wrong.

For you see dear readers the fire alarm went off the other week, and the pupils and staff had to evacuate themselves (shoeless) into the wet playground.

Parents were less than amused to hear of the wet sock experience, and somewhat overreacted.

All of that aside, are we not missing the essential point here?

How does a shoeless classroom improve the learning experience????

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  1. Howard10:10 AM

    Just wait until one of them gets something dropped on their toes - and the parent sues for £1m.

    All of a sudden you will find they have a new uniform of hiviz vests and steel-capped booties.

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:12 AM

    Too right they will, Howard! I've never heard of such a daft idea in my life! If they put as much effort into properly educating children as they do in coming up with some of these potty ideas, the younger generation would be much better placed to contribute meaningfully to work and society.
    "Parents somewhat overreacted"? I cannot honestly say I blame them! I don't have any children myself but, if I did, I'd have been very angry about what happened too! Perhaps you might like to consider giving one of your prestigous awards to whoever dreamed up this nonsense, Ken!

  3. Maybe they had their shoes off because they were standing on holy ground...the schools are, after all, social engineering/propaganda machines so Nanny can validate/reproduce herself.