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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nanny Hates Preston

Congratulations to Preston for being ranked by Nanny as the "unhealthiest high street in the UK"!

This accolade was presented by The Royal Society for Public Health, which assessed 70 areas in the UK according to the types of businesses found there.

On Nanny's list of evil businesses are bookmakers, loan shops, tanning salons and fast-food outlets. These are viewed as having a "negative impact" on public health.

Would Nanny prefer a row of boarded up shops then?

On Nanny's good list of businesses were leisure centres and health services; no food shops then?

It seems that we are meant to exercise, but not eat!

Shrewsbury was named as having the "healthiest" High Street.

Based on the award, Nanny has called for a limit of 5% of each "unhealthy" type of business on a High Street to avoid saturation.

Why 5%?

Is there a scientific basis for this limit?

No, I thought not!

Therefore if only 5% of shops can be "evil", if no other shop wishes to set up business there we will end up with rows and rows of boarded up shop fronts which employ no one.

Here are Nanny's rankings as per the BBC:

Britain's "unhealthiest High Streets" ranked

1. Preston
2. Middlesbrough
3. Coventry
4. Blackpool
5. Northampton
6. Wolverhampton
7. Grimsby
8. Huddersfield
9. Stoke-on-Trent
10. Eastbourne
Source: Royal Society for Public Health

Britain's "healthiest High Streets" ranked

1. Shrewsbury
2. Ayr
3. Salisbury
4. Perth
5. Hereford
6. Carlisle
7. Cambridge
8. Cheltenham
9. York
10. Bristol
Source: Royal Society for Public Health

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  1. Ayr? AYR?

    I know all about Ayr High Street. It's a total disaster; half the shops are empty, half of the non-empty ones are charity shops, and most of the rest are banks and phone shops. It's a terrible, terrible place to go shopping, and a parking no-go area to boot. Anyone who actually wants anything goes to Glasgow. This ranking has to be based on the presence of one (only one) of those beany-health-food shops patronised solely by unhealthy-looking middle-aged single women. Really, if they think Ayr's a healthy High Street you can pretty much throw the rest of their survey in the bucket.

    1. You beat me to it & I endorse your sentiment!
      Our son lives just outside Ayr and when we stay with him, we always use the by-pass - in order to shop somewhere else...

  2. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Eastbourne supposedly has the highest average age in the country at over 70yrs old. Not much call for gyms or knit-your-own-wellness outlets on the high street I would imagine.