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Monday, March 02, 2015

Prats of The Week - Tesco

My thanks to a loyal reader for nominating Tesco as Prats of The Week.

For why?

Just ask Tony Morris, who went to his local store in Carlton to but some nuts and bananas.

When he attempted to pay for them at the self service checkout he was asked to verify his age. The stupidity was further compounded, when a member of staff and a security guard came across and told him that it was in case he was going to ferment alcohol.

A Tesco spokeswoman is quoted by the Mirror denying that this is Tesco policy:
We don’t age restrict the sale of nuts - our store team have rechecked all the nuts in the store to ensure this is the case.

Giving customers great service is our number one priority and we’re sorry if the incident caused our customer any inconvenience.
However, her words ring hollow as this is not the first time that Tesco has asked for age verification wrt fruit. Kate Lancaster, at a Tesco Metro Plymouth, was asked to prove she was over 18 when buying a snack pack of water melon and grapes.

"Fruit will be age verified in case natural fermentation takes place”.
Tesco, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis7:42 PM

    Where do they get the kind of people from who dream up this sort of nonsense, and where do they get the type of people to enforce this nonsense?

  2. I believe it's bureaucrats who spend too much time confined to an office with no actual real world experience. Their brains atrophy to the point that all capability of common sense is eliminated. At that point, they go on a quest to find more and more asinine ways of exerting control over people.