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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Intolerant Students Ban Peter Tatchell

It has come to a pretty pass when so called "educated" students are so afraid of having their world view contradicted that they refuse to listen to the opinions of Peter Tatchell.

I am old enough to remember when Tatchell was often in the public eye, campaigning for issues of equality and having a very robust go at Mugabe. Fair play to Tatchell he often got beaten up by Mugabe's goons, as such the man has guts!

Therefore I am more than disgusted to see that today's students regard him as racist and a transphobic.

FFS, this man has been at the forefront of every anti racist pro equality campaign since I was a nipper!

So disgusted is Tatchell with the state of affairs, that he has written an article in the Telegraph; here are the opening paragraphs:
"Free speech and enlightenment values are under attack in our universities. In the worthy name of defending the weak and marginalised, many student activists are now adopting the unworthy tactic of seeking to close down open debate. They want to censor people they disagree with. I am their latest victim.

This is not quite the Star Chamber, but it is the same intolerant mentality. Student leader Fran Cowling has denounced me as racist and transphobic, even though I’ve supported every anti-racist and pro-transgender campaign during my 49 years of human rights work.
Fran is the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Officer of the National Union of Students (NUS). She refused to speak at an LGBT event at Canterbury Christ Church University tonight unless I was dropped from the line-up. This is a variation of the NUS “no-platform” policy; instead of blocking me from speaking, Fran is refusing to share a platform with me. "
It would be wise to harken to his warning, free speech and enlightenment are under attack in our universities; not from the state, but from the students themselves!

As he concludes "Bad ideas are best defeated by good ideas. NUS, please take note."

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  1. Thing is, this unhinged women wont even say what it is that Tatchell supposedly believes or has said to offend. Not that it matters, this college age generation is so mentally unstable that a sideways glance has them running for the Prozac. THis guy should just shake them off and go find another cause..

  2. MikeR4:27 PM

    Let's not be fooled into thinking the crybullies represent all "students" - they are a noisy minority. It appears Peter Tatchell has potentially been libelled/slandered by this individual and in his position I'd strongly consider taking legal action against her. There should not be freedom to smear a person with impunity.

    I came across a good definition of "social justice warrior" today (odious posturers from which I would exclude non totalitarian campaigners such as Mr Tatchell) -

    "People who use social injustice, real or imagined, as a means to bully and feel self-important. Sometimes coupled with a victim complex that projects persecution of a party, real or imagined, on themselves; often self-electing themselves as a mouthpiece for their own subjective interpretation of that party's views".

  3. Anonymous9:12 PM

    This has been going on for some time. I think I was first aware of it when a fellow panellist on 'Question Time' rudely turned her back on Nick Griffin who was sitting beside her in order to express her disgust that he was on the panel. Sadly, the audience supported her - bien-pensant groupthink in action.

    It's more alarming though when students indulge in no-platforming. In my opinion, I doubt that they deserve the degrees they'll be awarded - you can't further learning and understanding if your mind is closed to ideas, whether or not you find them abhorrent and universities are about - or used to be - furthering knowledge and understanding and innovation.

    On a lighter, if sardonic, note - I'm amused by the phenomenon of 'the biter bit' and look forward to the next instalment when non-binary gender folk turn on transexuals as having sold their integrity as victims of The Patriarchy.