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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Dangers of Overdiagnosis

It appears that around 50% of kids diagnosed with asthma may in fact not have the condition at all.

The Telegraph reports that in a new study published in the British Journal of General Practice, researchers from the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands, looked at the medical records of 656 children diagnosed with asthma at four centres. 53 per cent were found to have no clinical signs of the condition.

It seems that some of the non asthma suffering children may have just had hay fever!

It makes one wonder, given how much money pharma companies make out of drugs, what other conditions (physical and mental) are in fact the figment of an over enthusiastic doctor's or parent's imagination!

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  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    It surprises me that almost 50% of asthma cases were genuine; but I don’t think that it entirely the over enthusiastic doctors fault.

    Parents should know their own kids and be able to recognise if anything serious is wrong. However, most seem to want their child to be ‘special’ and are more than happy for them to carry around an asthma pump all day.

    Incidentally, my own son was diagnosed with asthma some 20 years ago. An expensive but necessary trip to Harley Street for a second opinion followed, and yes, it was just a virus which soon cleared up.

  2. Anonymous4:22 PM

    It wouldn't surprise me if much of this is pollution related. My health steadily declines the longer I'm stuck in the city. My mate suffers from asthma and I discovered a few "tokes" on his and I'm okay for a bit.