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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Car Pollution

As loyal readers know, Nanny hates fags and continually berates people who smoke warning them that the habit not only is dangerous to them but also harmful to anyone near them.

That is all well and good, if it were true, but I and others on this site have often noted that if Nanny wants to set her gimlet eyes on the dangers of air pollution then she ought to focus on cars, lorries and planes rather than berate the hapless fag smoker.

Well, I am pleasantly pleased to see that a study by the Royal College of Physicians into air pollution (aside from having a go at fags and air fresheners) has a go at cars.

As per LondonlovesBusiness the study estimates the that the cost of air pollution on public health, and business is over £20bn a year, and outdoor air pollution causes 40,000 recorded deaths in the UK per annum.

Around half the vehicles on the road in the UK now run on diesel, and by 2012 there was 10 times more traffic than in 1949.

Prof Stephen Holgate, an asthma expert at Southampton University and the chairman of the reporting group, warned that we are not taking the problem seriously enough.
We all have a part to play to cut environmental pollution. We can’t see it, smell it or taste it, which is why people do not necessarily think we have a problem.

When you see cars piling up on the way to school taking their children, the fumes directly from the vehicle in front are being vented straight into the car behind, and exposing their child - and yet we are ignoring this.” 
Will Nanny now target cars instead of fags?

I bet she won't!

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  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    No, she'll target cars, wood-burning stoves and barbecues as well as fags.


  2. She's making it worse. I could rant for hours but suffice it to say my car now does 28% less to the gallon than it did 6 years ago thanks to traffic calming etc. Journeys round town take at least 1/3 longer. With a rough rule of thumb: My vehicle approximates 1 gallon per hour pretty much whatever speed I'm doing so it's using a third more fuel and taking a third longer to travel the same distance.

  3. So, it is in the news again, thousands of deaths caused by air pollution, mainly focussing on vehicle exhaust. Well us smokers knew this all along, in fact, back in the 1950's diesel fumes v smoking was already being argued. That smoking ban nearly ten years ago did not save any lives, the second hand smoke myth just averted the public gaze from what was the real problem.