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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bin Brother - Clean Your Baked Bean Cans!

Hull City council are a tad fed up with dirty bins and erroneous baked beans, as such they have decided to take action. Householders who mix up their recycling, or fail to wash old tins and bottles, face having their bins left unemptied, losing collections altogether or even being sent on awareness courses.

The Mail reports that this "bold initiative" will be publicised by consultants in a £100,000 campaign to encourage residents to recycle more effectively.

Seemingly a particular bugbear is placing food waste with recycling, contaminating materials that could otherwise be reused.

There are plans to confiscate the blue recycling bins of 2,150 householders who fail to recycle correctly.

A spokesman said:
"A few baked beans let in the tin can dribble onto the cardboard packaging"
How the fark are binmen meant to check every baked bean can they find for erroneous baked beans?

This is absolutely bonkers!

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  1. This is getting a bit daft now.
    Give a petty minded person the sense of power and it goes to their head.

  2. I don't beleive a bit of bean juice means you can't recycle a bit of cardboard. Surely all recyclables go through cleaning before they are recycled, even if we were to clean them before binning them