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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Bully State

The Bully State
Nanny's health Nazis are on the march. Having won the battle to stop smoking in public places, Nanny is now keen to push on and interfere in all manner of everyday activities.

Nanny gave warning of her intentions in a report by the once well-respected Nuffield Council of Bioethics. The report concludes that Nanny and industry are not doing enough to prevent binge drinking or obesity, and should promote healthy lifestyles through stricter measures and deterrents.

The authors are a group of doctors, lawyers, philosophers and other "experts". They propose that the Nanny state should be replaced by "stewardship", ie government interference.

Lord Krebs, who chaired the report committee, said:

"People often reject the idea of a nanny state

but the Government has a duty to look after

the health of everyone and sometimes

that means guiding or restricting our choices

Read that again, Krebs wants the state to restrict our choices for our own good!

Krebs went on to say that the central concept of stewardship differed from the Nanny state, by being "more sensitive to the balances between public good and individual freedom".

The report concludes:

"The stewardship model provides justification

for the UK Government to introduce measures

that are more coercive than those which

currently feature in the National Alcohol Strategy

The report also says that smoking should be banned in people's homes.

Precisely how do they intend to enforce that I wonder?

This comes hot on the heals of Alcohol Concern, a new lobby group being launched. This body claims to be a charity, but is in fact funded by the state and is an organ of the EU.

Given Krebs's German ancestry I am surprised he has put his name to such a report, the aims of which strikingly resemble the policies of Nazi Germany. The Nazis taught that you owe it to the state to look after yourself, as the state owns your body not the individual.

Krebs is not much of a fan of democracy, as he has voted in only 3% of votes in parliament — well below average amongst the Lords.

This report is the precursor to health care being offered and available only to those who comply with Nanny's rules on diet, drinking, smoking and lifestyle.


  1. Ah! But if you don't smoke, or drink or eat excessively you will have nothing to worry about ...

    ... except that you probably consume too much energy and travel too much and ...

    People like Krebs don't really seem to do 'ordinary life' very well do they?

  2. Let's face it, the current holders of power will not be happy until the entire population are held in temperature controlled (not to hot, not too cold), unlit (to save energy) and padded rooms, medicated with their state medication that keeps them happy and subservient via their state water supply and fed pills that provide just the right amount of nutrients so they are not too thin and won't ever get obese. They won't go to work as doing so might lead to individuality and risk.

    Is it any wonder that today in the papers we read that migration out of the UK is at the highest point for fifty years.

  3. I've got two words for Mister Krebs:-
    Prague Spring.

  4. The administration does not exist in its own right, but as an instrument of a soverign people,these facists are usurping the basis of democracy,and until ALL of you people stop flapping your gums and stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow countrymen in unity,without first discussing who is a tory/lib/lab or who is a biggoted racist, they will keep on enslaving you by degrees,forget political garbage,we are ENGLISHMEN ,and if you do not soon start behaving like ENGLISHMEN,you will be eradicated.

  5. Englishman,

    I have to agree with you totally.

    When will people realise that those 26,000 new laws, 3000 new criminal offences have never been aimed at suspected terrorists.


  6. I suppose they will need to introduce new money raising measures to off set the losses from the duty on smoking since the ban came in.
    I love the way they deal in semantics...stewardship rather than Nanny...

    It seems to me Nanny is trying to produce a nation of drone workers...we must be productive so Nanny can keep the wedge coming in...Kerching...Soon work will be all we have and if you have nothing else to do because everything else has been banned, you will welcome the chance to get out of your cell, so you will work more...and hey presto, more tax...Kerching...Nanny is happy.

    The way Nanny, ooppps sorry, the steward will enforce the no smoking in your own home rule, will be to make tobbaco illegal, probably with a nice £100 fine if you are caught with it...Kerching.

    Of course, we won't live longer in Nanny's will seem like it though!!

  7. wildswimmer pete11:19 PM

    "will be to make tobbaco illegal"

    Cannabis already is, but that doesn't seem to stop the world and his wife from smoking it.

  8. Anonymous1:28 AM

    It used to be the case that Govt needed the duties on cigs and booze. Presumably they have an alternative income stream now.

  9. (sorry, stuck this on the wrong comments bit, so this is a duplicate)
    anyone else made the connection between the nuffield report and exactly who it was that funded it? want to read about this look under the 'nuffield report into alcohol consumption in uk' on my blog
    this is a form of underhand, devious, puritanical scottish presbyterian manipulation.
    once he's succeeded in taxing us all into puritanical submission, we can start to expect the next onslaught, gamblign. within the next couple of years it will be report after report, media expose after media expose. all the usual: this is an epidemic, this is costing the tax payers this much. it's having a devastating effect on family life, blah, blah, blah. gambling - banned. next thing? pleasure, enjoyment, delight, laughter - all will be systematically outlawed. he'll not be happy until we've all obediently buckled under the weight of these 'reports'/manipulative assaults on our ability to enjoy free will. and become a far more palatable, pleasant and appropriate society:
    presbyterian scotland, sometime during 1934.