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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, November 09, 2007

The Law is An Arse

The Law is An Arse
Can any please tell me how, in any right minded society, this absurd claim should be allowed to go anywhere near a sensible court?

Graham Hall, a convicted murderer who sexually assaulted his 76 year old victim as she lay dying after receiving over 50 stab wounds, is demanding £50K in compensation because he has had to "slop out" his prison toilet as a result of a breakdown in the plumbing.

In this odious little man's view, this experience is a breach of his human rights.

Hall has been given permission by a judge to sue The Ministry of Justice, and is thought to be receiving legal aid.

A Ministry of Justice source said:

"His case is a test case,

and if successful,

it will allow 40 other prisoners to make similar claims.

All prisoners have toilets which work properly

and there is no slopping out.

But if the night sanitation system fails,

they cannot be let out of their cells

because some of them are too dangerous.

When a toilet breaks down in a home in the UK,

people will use a bucket of water to slop out

until they can get it fixed.

They don't sue

When people lose all respect for the law, society breaks down.

Those who the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

We must be truly mad!


  1. Too many vultures called lawyers.
    You know the type....Had an accident or a fall?....let us make the other party's life a misery and push everyones insurance premiums up, we want to help you get your rightful compensation and of course a fortune for ourselves...Conditional fees: another American import...Kerching

  2. grumpy2:12 PM

    Of course, in any properly ordered civilised society, Mr. Hall would have no reason, nor any ability, to complain about any perceived breach of his human rights since he would be dead; having been sentenced to be executed for his crimes.

  3. His (surviving) relatives would probably spend forty years trying to clear his name.
    By the way, do we have a Ministry of Justice now?
    Sounds double-plus good to me!