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Friday, November 23, 2007

Nanny Bans Santa

Nanny Bans Santa
Poor old Santa really gets it in the neck at this time of the year from Nanny. Normally she has a go at him over his weight, now she is putting the boot in over the colour of his suit.

Seemingly, in the eyes of Nanny's chums in Steiner School Brighton, red is the colour of modern commercialism and have therefore banned it.

Funny that, I always thought that red was the colour of socialism.

Anyhoo, the numpties in the parents' committee believe that red will remind pupils of Coca Cola (one of the world's most evil corporations, in Nanny's eyes).

Therefore Santa will this year be clad in green.

The school has also decided to hold an Eastern European version of the festive season, which it believes will be more "inclusive". This despite the fact that most of the pupils are British.

What a bunch of twats!

School spokesman Sarah James said:

"The red-suited Santa was created as a

marketing tool by Coca-Cola,

it is a symbol of commercialism

So farking what!

-Santa is a fantasy creation anyway.

-Commercialism generates income which pays the taxes that pays the wages of the dick heads running the school.

A small point of fact here, Santa wore red long before Coca Cola did its makeover.

The trouble is Nanny isn't interested in facts.

For good measure, at the school's Christmas bazaar, pupils will be told a "moral" tale rather than the traditional Christmas story, and instead of opening presents, they will be given fake "rocks" to break open to reveal crystals.

Happy Winterval!


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    JESUS H CHRIST... (Am I allowed to say that?)

    Just when I thought I've read it all...
    What's next? Ban healthy Turkeys, because they offend the sick Turkeys with bird flu?

    The shear stupidness, just never ceases to amaze me!
    I always thought xmas (Am I allow to call it that?) was a special time of year when people can just put aside their differences & have a good knees up with family & friends, no matter what race or religion.
    Apparently not! It's an evil time of year, that must be stopped, AT ALL COSTS!!

    Clock End Gooner, North London

  2. Ummm! I hate to say it but whilst I am totally against Nanny and PC-ness the whole Santa wearing red/green/whatever is something I am not bothered about.

    What Santa wears depends on the country. In Britain up until the mid 19th century he tended to be portrayed as wearing a green fur lined robe so technically the whole green thing is British. In fact the ghost of Christmas present in a Christmas Carol wears a green robe and this in turn probably originates from the pagan holly king who was celebrated at Yuletide. The red robed Santa came about in the mid 1880s and was an American invention. Other countries originally portrayed him as wearing a bishops apparel and in Sweden he wore grey.

    Personally, having a bit of viking blood in me I like the image of Odin and the great hunt visiting and leaving gifts for children who leave food for Sleipnir (Odins horse) which is the origin of the whole leave a carrot for Rudolph thing. Unfortunately a bunch of bearded, sword wielding warriors from Valhalla is a bit too scary in these PC times and they don't look too good parked in the middle of the shopping centre instead of a grotto full of pixies.

    What does bother me is the removal of the Christmas story. Yet again Nanny's minions try to remove the true meaning of the event in the name of 'inclusiveness'. Britain is still a Christian country and trying to remove references to this and do away with Christian festivals is exactly the same kind of discrimination as Nanny claims to be 'fighting' against for minorities.

  3. With PC idiots running our schools is it any wonder we are turning out a generation of illiterate plebs that can't count, but all have ten "A" star GCSE passes.

    The socialist dictatorship we have in government is however, very clever. They brainwash our children in PC ways and use the kids to emotionally blackmail us at every opportunity.
    Look at the new false religion of climate change. They use children's voices to ram the message home in the propaganda films the state issue, with the underlying message, if you don't conform to the pro climate change agenda, you are letting the kids down. Remember in Nanny's world you cannot say no to a child as it may do emotional harm to it.

    It is a crazy world we live in where the lunatics are running the country, not just the asylum.

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    "a moral tale"? And there was me thinking the whole Christ thing WAS a moral tale...

    But nanny promoting morality seems a bit out of character - it's only a short step from there to personal responsibility, and we can't have that now can we?

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Whilst they're quietly axing red-santa because of his corporate identity credentials, could they please do the whole of global society a big fat favour and put Ronald Bloody McDonald up against the wall and shoot him?


  6. Wildswimmer Pete3:24 PM

    As a Pagan, can I declare I'm offended how Christianity nicked our Winter Solstice festival, Yule?

    Seriously, I don't think these PC dickheads who so hate Christmas realise just how old the festive season is, and certainly not its real message. Whatever your beliefs and/or non-beliefs.

    I trained as an engineer, big mistake. I should have done "Social Studies" or some such useless PC "qualification". Then I'd be riding the gravy train with the rest of them.


  7. It's worse than that.
    When I visited my cousin in the Summer, her oldest daughters were both members of an official, school-sponsored 'anti-smoking' club, with a little action pack and all sorts of messages urging them to become little busybodies whenever they spot an adult smoking.
    I was reminded of the Red Chinese propaganda films where children nag old men to stop spitting.
    I hope the old men really tell them to fuck off, but I'm afraid they won't.
    It's communism, I tell you, complete with Young Pioneers.

  8. David J Hilton9:02 PM

    Seems there's no end to this pathetic PC bullshit....

  9. Perhaps Sarah James should read this.

  10. grumpy6:19 PM

    Here in Turkey, it is impossible to find a shop that isn't - right now - covered in images of angels; someone who looks suspiciously like Jesus; Christmas trees everywhere and, of course, Father Chistmas (Baba Noel) in a red and white suit.
    Oddly, even though this is a Muslim country, nobody seems to be offended; indeed, when I asked a local acquaintance about the implications of this 'worship of Christian images', she looked at me as though I had gone crazy.

    Is there somebody in the UK I can report her to?

  11. In general terms, most Muslims that I have met and indeed those of most other religions, are not offended by much of what the PC brigade wish to "protect" them from.
    Political correctness is in my view, the biggest barrier to integration in this country today.
    I have some Muslim friends that come to me at Christmas, I do not offer them boiled gammon as I know they don't eat it due to Islamic rules, this is not pandering to them, it is just good manners. They have no objection to my family and I eating it in their presence, which is just as well in my house. They enjoy all the usual trimmings of a Christmas feast and the message contained in it. They love the decorated tree and all the decorations, they celebrate the diversity rather than try to force their views on to me and mine. I often visit them to celebrate their festivals (Usually Eide...hope that's how it is spelt) and I enjoy seeing how they celebrate their faith.
    This is integration and guess what, we achieved it without any interference from PC Nanny.
    If Nanny would just butt out, people would integrate just as many different races, colours and creeds have done so in this country in pre PC times.

  12. grumpy7:48 PM

    tonk is right and this PC promoting bunch of morons who call themselves 'The British Government' is, on this issue as on everything else, dead wrong.

    Coming soon in Turkey (and, this year, coinciding with Christmas) is what is known locally as 'Kurban Bayram'. This is the festival at which ritual sacrifice is performed, As is usual, I am invited to the homes of some of my Muslim friends who will, as always, cut the throat; skin and chop up some unfortunate animal (sheep or cow depending on the wealth of the family). No-one will ask me to help, but I will be expected to watch and to partake of the meat at dinner. Most of us; men and women; will then proceed to get mildly and pleasantly pissed.
    On the Sunday following, my wife, my friends and I will go to breakfast at a local restaurant which will serve us - those of us who wish - bacon butties.
    Some of my Muslim friends will eat and enjoy the bacon, others will eat the more traditional Turkish breakfast.
    Nobody: not the staff, not my friends; nobody will be offended by any of these happenings because we are all civilised, grown-up human beings who consider ourselves capable of making grown-up choices.
    (And; horror of horrors; most of us will be smoking, not just at home, but in the restaurant too)

    As always since arriving in this country, I expect to have a very Merry and relaxing Christmas,
    I trust you can all say the same?