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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Only Following Orders

Halifax Traffic Control Department
How appropriate that on Remembrance Day, Nanny's minions fall back on a variation of that well worn phrase "I was merely following orders".

In Nanny's world the concept of there being a reasonable excuse for breaking her rules, and applying a little bit of common sense does not apply. So it was for the car owners, who temporarily parked their cars in Dispensary Walk Halifax this Sunday.

Nanny's ever so keen tax collectors, sorry I mean traffic wardens, were on patrol that morning and took no prisoners.

Drivers said that cars parked in Dispensary Walk were being issued with tickets during a two-minute silence to remember war dead at 1100 GMT on Sunday.

Malcolm Walker told BBC Radio Leeds he challenged a warden about the fines.


"I said, do you not realise why

these cars are actually parked here?

They've come to remember the fallen.

I said, could you not just go round

the corner for five minutes and cut them some slack?

And the woman just actually said,

'A, I'm doing my job, and B,

I didn't even know there was a parade on'.

And I said 'could you not hear the bugles playing

and the band marching?'

And she just looked at me totally blank

A spokesman for Calderdale Council ignored the point about it being a special event.


"Residents living there are frequently

unable to park close to their own home

because of other motorists parking illegally

in their residents' parking area,

and this causes them a great deal of difficulty,

particularly if, for example,

they need to load or unload from their cars.

This is a regular ongoing problem for these residents,

not only a once a year event

Rules are there to be enforced, no matter what the circumstances!


  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head with the description of the said wardens as tax collectors. We recently saw a group of funeral cars ticketed by local authority wardens, they even tried to ticket the hearse until angry mourners chased the wardens off!

    This whole concept of local council controlled wardens is a nice little earner for the councils, what these people, and I use the term people loosely, seem to forget is, that they are there as public servants providing a service for local people, not just collecting fines.....Kerching.

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    "A, I'm doing my job"

    So presumably if the gentleman had claimed to have a job that involved beating the c**p out of jumped up little jobsworths, she would have happily allowed him to carry out his duties?

  3. Sir HM4:52 PM

    Well folks, are you all mentally prepared to be locked up when they introduce internment?

    As recent events re the security industry have shown - half the guards, like most of the traffic wardens dishing out tickets, will probably be recent immigrants from such respecters of human rights as Nigeria, the Congo, Somalia, and many of them illegals.

    Just a thought to comfort you when you go to bed tonight

  4. Why mince your words?
    They will be seeking to concentrate our minds.

  5. Lord of Atlantis1:16 PM

    Normally, I have little sympathy for people who park illegally. However, in this case, a little compassion and discretion should have been used. Those jobsworths tossers issuing parking tickets so happily, and their bosses, the tossers on the council, ought to hang their heads in shame (except, of course, they possessno none) and remember that if it were not for the sacrifice made by these brave men and women whom we remember on 11th November, they and their families would not be alive today nor enjoying the freedoms they have.