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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cold Calling

Cold Calling
Those of you who have to endure the modern day pestilence of cold calling may enjoy this article, that I wrote today, about a particular company called Contact4 (click the link to read the article).

You will be pleased to know that I have forwarded it to the Treasury Select Committee, the Information Commissioner's Office and various financial journals, with the express recommendation that those who claim to regulate our financial markets do something about these companies.


  1. Might be worth registering with the Telephone Pref. Service, its free an cuts down on these calls.

  2. Shame on you Fido...go sit in the have not read my article.

    For you see, if you do read it, you will see I have been registered with the TPS for a long time!


  3. Yes I too have been plagued by this type of call despite being with the TPS.
    Most call are from overseas numbers who do not need to comply with the TPS rules, usually using internet telephone services.
    I too am ex directory. I am told these companies have number generators on their computers.

    I have noticed that companies use these call centres to get around the TPS rules in much the same way as some marketing companies are using the postman to deliver junk mail to address' without a name and address on the envelope to get around the mailing preference society's rules.

    When Nanny makes us pay per kilo for our rubbish, these envelopes will be returned via the mail to where they came from.

  4. Grant5:33 PM

    AH! Mr. Flynn.

    Well I never knew he was into call centres and finance. Personable sort of chap he seemed to be the few times I saw him in action in one of his earlier incarnations.

    Quite adept at taking advantage of opportunities and recognised for that by at least one of the major global consultancies if my interpretation is correct.

    You're right about the calls though Ken. Too many around. Some I get are just automated messages - nice voice but no human to chat to. I have yet to settle on a strategy for dealing with them.

    Would have added this comment to the other blog but don't think I have a google account and really can't be bothered to set up yet another username and password.

  5. Sorry Grant, sorted out the posting problem on the other site.

    Feel free to comment there as well:)


  6. Lord of Atlantis2:34 PM

    Tonk said,
    "When Nanny makes us pay per kilo for our rubbish, these envelopes will be returned via the mail to where they came from."

    Good for you, Tonk! I trust you will 'forget' to put a stamp on such items? After all, why should you pay for the 'privilege' of junk mail?

    I personally put mine in recycling box, but your method is just as good.

    As far as telephone callers go, they soon regret calling me! I either say,'not interested' and hang up or, if some inane voice asks me some personal question such as 'do you have a mortgage?' or 'Who do you receive your gas / electricity / telephone or whatever from?' I reply 'that is our business, not yours!

  7. Lord of Atlantis:

    Yes I usually "forget" to put a stamp on them. I also used to fill in the name of the company sending the junk, on the form itself that they sent me. I always had visions that they would send themselves the product and eventually sue themselves for non payment....I doubt if it ever happened, but at that time it made me feel good.

  8. PhilB2:11 PM

    My method of dealing with cold calling is simple. They ask to speak to me personally or "the head of the household".

    I cheerfully reply "One moment, I'll just get him for you" and go and read a book for the time it takes them to realise that they are running up their phone bill and no one will come to the phone.

    As for unsolicited mail inviting me to apply for credit, loans etc. I write in thick permanent marker "No thanks" across the form and post it back to them. It costs them cash to send it out, cash to get it back. Destroying or binning it only minimises their outgoings.