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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and readers.

When will the ambassador invite me to annual party in Grosvenor Square by the way?




  1. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Possibly if you looked less like a bloke who'd as soon knock him off as talk to him.:) You'd make a better Bond than this latest feller.

    Robert the Biker

  2. The Silent Majority2:18 PM

    I would like to second Ken’s comments.

    It’s always a pleasure to visit the USA and savour the American way of life.
    Yes, you have your problems but - in terms of the overwhelming, suffocating weight of the state, you’re still a long way behind the UK.

    Our thanks must also go to the solid and forthright leadership of George Bush. We fear for where the world will end up if America abandons its traditional strong, no-nonsense approach in favour of the European model.

    I could go on, but for now: Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Ken, I'm an ex-pat and regular reader of your blog. If you ever want to visit Texas just let me know. I'll take you to a British pub where you can still smoke a cigar with your pint and we can maybe go round the shooting range and let off some steam with a machine gun and a paper target with picture of nanny.

  4. Thanks for the invite anom

    I will take you up on it if I am ever passing through Texas.

    Do I get to wear a stetson as well?


  5. Looking good, Meester Frost.
    Nil Carborundum Desperandum!

  6. Simon The Horrible2:09 AM

    .."Nil Carborundum Desperandum!"

    I believe you meant to say, " Non illigitimus Carborundum."

    (Don't let the bastards grind you down.)

  7. Excellent.That is precisely what I meant to say.