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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Nanny's legions of busybodies, snoops and "do as I say" advisers are unleashing howls of anguish over the fact that some supermarkets are selling beer and lager at a cheaper price than water.

Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda now offer lager at just 22p a can; that's less per litre than their own-brand-mineral water and cola.

You can get oiled for a mere £1!

There's value for you.

Needless to say, the newly formed Alcohol Health Alliance (doubtless containing the same people who banned fags from our pubs) is up in arms about this.

You know what, for once I agree with Nanny.

Shock horror!

Did you ever think that you would hear me ejaculate (can I say ejaculate?) such an utterance?

I too think that it is an utter, utter disgrace that booze is cheaper than water and cola.

It is high time that these supermarkets lowered the price of water and cola, so that it matches the price of the booze.


  1. Personally I am of the thought that the supermarkets are filling a niche and providing a service to the community by selling cheap booze. After all it means that the niche market of tramps and alky dossers can afford to purchase alcohol and still have a few pence left over from their days begging to afford the cup of tea they claim they are begging for change to purchase. It's a step up from meths but normal, sane people who have not had their brain cells rotted would not touch the chemical laden witches piss that masquerades as supermarket 'value' lager (or 'Larger' as my local purveyors of budget booze call it) so it is automatically attractive to the down and out who wishes to appear a bit more sophisticated than his brethren. Over say, a few months, excessive consumption of the fizzy chemical cocktail is more than likely to bump a few of them off due to poisoning (or possible explosion from the gas) meaning that local communities are rid of the blight of down and outs sleeping their excesses off in the park or wandering around the local shopping street mumbling incoherently at lamp posts. Everyone is a winner. The tramps die happy and our communities become more pleasant. Result!

  2. Kaptain_Von: I thunk you are a bit deluded. No tramp would bother with something as weak as Tesco value lager, they might as well be drinking water!

  3. I agree with Ken....How on Earth can water be dearer than beer? Given the high levels of tax on beer, someone in the water bottling industry must be raking it in. What is the main ingredient of beer? Ehh water actually...So we process the water, add the alcohol and flavorings, add the high level of duty and it comes out cheaper? How does that work then?....Petrol should be cheaper than crude oil if we follow that reasoning!!

  4. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Have you seen John Trenchard’s post at
    about the Alcohol Health Alliance?

  5. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Has anyone actually seen this so-called "Cheap booze"

    Yes the price is only 22p per can but you can only buy them in packs of four and it's only 2% alcohol.

  6. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Take a look

  7. Wildswimmer Pete5:13 PM

    "Yes the price is only 22p per can but you can only buy them in packs of four and it's only 2% alcohol."

    If it's that weak it may be regarded to be in the same category as shandy, which means that no duty is levied.

    "Alcoholic" drinks below a certain strength (and I'm sure it's around 2%)are treated as soft drinks.


  8. But it certainly does highlight the fact that bottled water is OVERPRICED.