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Friday, November 02, 2007

Dick Headed Useless Knobheads

Dick Headed Useless Knobheads
Normally I would consider awarding my prestigious "Prats of The Week" Award in a case like this. However, having re read it I can only conclude that Broxbourne council has gone way beyond the "prat" stage.

Stan and Jean Chatterton, of Hoddesdon, Herts, have regularly cleaned up fallen crab apples from the grass verge outside their home. They do this in order to prevent them going rotten and becoming a hazard.

Unfortunately, they have reckoned without the interfering jackboot of the local council.

Why do we put up with these useless bodies?

What good do they actually do?

Anyhoo, Broxbourne council have issued an edict to Mr and Mrs Chatterton telling them to stop cleaning up the verge; because if they kept the area tidy themselves, the local authority's cleaning contractors would not know how often to cut the grass.


No, I don't understand that either!

Mrs Chatterton said:

"We have been told off for keeping it tidy.

I just don't understand it

Broxbourne council's edict states:

"Due to the maintenance being carried out by yourself,

we are unable to monitor the frequency

we need to cut the area.

We therefore ask if you would refrain

from maintaining this land from now on

Total bollocks!

As Mr Chatterton says, the council can simply look at the grass elsewhere to see when they need to cut it.

Clearly the reason stated by the council is utter knobheaded bollocks. The real reason is probably that the Chattertons may now need public liability insurance to carry on maintaining the verge, and the council are too shit scared to admit this.

Useless dick headed knobheads!

Drop the council a note and tell them I said hi: Knobheads.


  1. Councils....You just got to love 'em!!

    Often it seems councils just don't like people taking a pride in where they live.
    This one they've dressed up in a novel to explain their reasoning behind this crazy decision...normally it is on good ol' 'Elf'n'safety grounds...the council's tried and trusted stand by excuse for all crazy petty decisions and instructions.

    Perhaps I could be of assistance on this one....Council: Cut the grass about every two weeks in the spring and summer. Do one final cut when the leaves have fallen off the trees. There you go...Can the couple carry on taking a pride in where they live now you know how often to cut the grass?

    Finally, if the couple do not comply, will a fine be issued per chance? Kerching....Another potential nice little earner for the tail wagging the dog!!!

  2. i would hope that these two responsible people will continue to maintain this verge,and keep pushing this idiotic council into making yet another embarrassing mistake,stand up to these fools and show them that it is the people from whence thier power derives and not the other way round.