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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nanny Bans Dummy

Nanny Bans DummyNanny's strict rules about racial/sexual diversity don't just apply to people, they apply to dummies too.

In Nanny's world we are all equal, even the dummies.

Thus it has come to pass that the police mascot, known as Steve, has been labelled by Nanny's lickspittles as being too male and white.

PSCO Steve was created by the Metropolitan Police to visit primary schools. Unfortunately Steve is male and white. Nanny hates white males, because they represent a part of society that she cannot understand and will not accept.

Therefore the Met has been ordered to spend £15K of our money replacing Steve with non male non white alternatives.

The much "respected" and "popular" head of the Met, Sir Ian Blair said:

"These characters will be more representative

of London's population and the diverse range of police personnel

FYI, the original PCSO Steve costume was based on a real person (Sutton borough police community support officer Stephen King). Unfortunately Nanny hates reality, and prefers instead to create and live in a fictional world.

Pc Geoff Parker, who works in Islington, thinks that the whole idea is bollocks.


"One of the things that is damaging our job

and our relations with the community is this

constant overbearing political correctness.

We seem to be taking the issue to the extreme,

and pandering to every whim and gripe.

We need to take a sensible approach to this

and stop over-reacting

A foolish waste of money and effort, but when did Nanny ever worry about wasting money?


  1. Let's stop calling it political correctness and let's call it what it actually is.... Discrimination.
    It reminds me of the old Soviet system where it was said all are equal, but some are more equal than others.
    I personally feel that these crazy attempts by Nanny to make everyone equal and force multiculturalism onto the British people, actually does more to drive communities apart than unite them.
    If Nanny actually stood back and stopped interfering all the time, people would naturally integrate.

  2. My own feeling is that the so called 'PC Brigade' have done more to promote dis-harmony in the UK than any of the right wing hatemongers of the past ever did. In fact it makes you wonder at times whether the guardians of political correctness are really racists and religious zealots using other methods to drive a wedge between groups that might find common ground and co-exist. After all, what better way to get X to hate Y than to say you have to positively discriminate(*) so that Y gets a better deal than X if X is in the majority. The result is bad feeling and Nanny can use that bad feeling in other ways to control other aspects of our lives through further legislation.

    As Tonk points out if Nanny stopped interfering people would naturally integrate. I see it in the area I live in. Most of the people are sensible enough not to listen to the bleatings of the PC brigade and what happens ? Well the Muslim owned hardware store has the best display of Christmas lights in the area, my daughter gets invited to Diwali celebrations and everyone helps everyone else no matter what their race, colour or creed. In other words we all get on without Nanny interfering.

    (*) Note the way the PC mob always say they want to end discrimination yet are happy to use the words 'positive discrimination'. My reply to that is that discrimination is discrimination whichever way it goes.

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Well said Tonk,

    Funny how you would be strung up if you took the piss out of someone for being Asian or Black...
    But yet, take the piss out of the French, Fat or Ginger...

    Life & communities have grown for thousands of years, without the need for political correctness!
    The sooner we get rid of it, the sooner we can get back to ACTUALLY LIVING OUR OWN FUCKING LIVES...!

  4. non female9:06 PM

    "non male alternatives" ... are they going to invent a third sex or a neutrum.
    Hell, can I get a job at any of our administrations please, I would like to have some fun, too.

  5. Mr Plod11:57 PM

    The only police dummy they should be getting rid of is the one in charge of the Metropolitan Police. He's a white male and he has presided over the political indoctrination of the Met. Bugger off Blair!