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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Unanswered Question III

Useless Twat
The long running farce that is HMRC, continues in much the same vein as a slow motion car crash.

Today's unanswered questions:

-Why were 6 other data discs lost?

-Why were data discs being sent to third parties?

-Why did it take so long for HMRC to admit that they were lost?

-Why were the police not informed earlier?

-Why is "apathy" on the part of the employees (the excuse of the unions) an acceptable excuse for incompetence and possible criminal behaviour?

HMRC: A Gordon Brown Production.


  1. Ken poses the question:

    "-Why were the police not informed earlier?"

    I'm not sure that matters. Quite how a few hundred police personnel 'searching' some government offices for a couple of CDs is going to achieve anything is unclear. Especially if the if the loss is simply down to a failing of a 'postal' or courier service. Not uncommon. Our post person left a jiffy bag on a table in our back garden at some point in the last few day. I happened to discover it on Saturday, somewhat wet and soggy. Fortunately it only contained a few material samples for my wife.

    To see photos of teams of police (where on earth did they find that much resource?) filing into Govt. offices suggests some very obvious gesture politics in progress.

    On the other hand IF the police involvement is a genuine case of investigation because management are concerned about attempted (or actual) theft of the information for nefarious purposes that does not fit well with recent statements made on behalf of government.

    What a bunch of clowns.

    Of course if they had been willing to clean the data of sensitive information in the first place - really not too difficult to do unless there is something very poor about the systems in use - this would not have blown up into such a big story.

  2. Over taxed1:40 PM

    You keep missing the most important question of the lot.

    Why are these 25 million people receiving state handouts?

    Are they all on the poverty line?

  3. Over Taxed:

    "Why are these 25 million people receiving state handouts?

    Are they all on the poverty line?"

    The answer to your question is actually down to Nanny's activities many years ago.
    Fathers were given tax relief on their personal allowence for their children along with a married mans allowance. Nanny felt that men could not be trusted to ensure this money for the child would reach it, so they took the money away from father's and paid it to mothers directly under the guise of family allowance, of course Nanny didn't give anything for the first child back then.(1950s/60s)
    The married mans allowance disappeared more recently as Nanny forced more mothers out to work just to make ends meet, hence the start of the decline in society, as kids had no one at home most of the time to keep them on the straight and narrow.