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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

42 Days - Dictatorship by Stealth

42 Days - Dictatorship by Stealth

Tomorrow our "respected" and "popular" Prime Minister will lead Nanny's campaign to impose a 42 day detention period without charge, on people that the state "believe" to be terrorists.

We are told that this is for our own protection, and that the law will only be used against terrorists.

Well, Nanny would say that wouldn't she?

Question: If the state really has the evidence to support their belief that an individual is a terrorist, why does it not charge that person within say 7 days, 14 days or 28 days?

Answer: the state does not have the evidence.

Sir John Major wrote in the Times recently that the proposal would aid the terrorists, and help them recruit more people to their cause. Major went on to say that Nanny's case is bogus, and little more than scaremongering.

He was quoted in The Times:

"If we are seen to defend our own values in a manner that does violence to them, then we run the risk of losing those values. Even worse, if our own standards fall it will serve to recruit terrorists more effectively than their own propaganda could ever hope to do.

The Government has introduced measures to protect against terror. These go beyond anything contemplated when Britain faced far more regular – and no less violent – assaults from the IRA. The justification of these has sometimes come close to scaremongering

Sir John said that Labour was creating "an intrusive State with authoritarian tendencies.

This is not a United Kingdom I recognise and Parliament should not accept it

Sir John should read the stories on this site over the last four years, an intrusive authoritarian state is exactly what Labour is all about!

Sir Ken Macdonald, QC, who as Director of Public Prosecutions would have a key role in authorising extended periods of detention, said that the 42 day power was not needed.

Lord Falconer has promised to lead a revolt in the Lords if the bill passes the Commons.

Lord Goldsmith, QC, (Bliar's Attorney General) has told The Times that he will oppose the measures if they reach the Lords.

"I remain of the view that no extension is necessary or justified."

MI5 have kept well out of it.

Even the police believe that the proposals are unworkable.

That isn't stopping Brown from trying to bribe people, with our money, to go along with his monstrous plan. Innocent detainees would be entitled to claim up to £3K for each day spent in jail; so that's alright then!

The man driving this proposal is an authoritarian control freak, who fears individuality and freedom of action.

Animated CorpseHis reputation, health, credibility and party have been destroyed by his own actions and delusions. He and the Labour party are nothing more than an animated corpse.

Britain is being sleepwalked into dictatorship by a corpse, Britain does not deserve to be run by a corpse.

Let us put this corpse out of our misery once and for all!

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  1. I agree with John Major.

    The one thing to remember in all this is that, a frightened population is easier to control than a free confident one.

    The forty two days detention, may be put in place to assist the authorities to control the civil unrest that is likely, if Mr Brown's government continues along it's current course.

    It may also be used as a taster to get us used to living in an authoritarian socialist superstate once the EUSSR treaty is implemented. It seems the USSR never died, it just took a step slightly to the west.

  2. number 63:08 PM


    I agree. Nu Labor Old Conservative, the Neither Liberal nor Democratic Lib Dumbs, are all sock puppets of the EU.

    The EU wants (and is getting) total control of our lives. Only way to deal with it is to leave - hear any of the above offering that choice?

    That is why I joined UKIP.

  3. You repeatedly refer to Gordon Brown as a corpe, so -- intrigued by this -- I checked out his Goth Name on blogthings HERE, and it came back with the the name "Chimera Necropolis", which seems close enough(!)

  4. Anonymous4:29 PM

    But how are we to get rid of him? We didn't elect him, and he clearly wouldn't step down no matter how many votes he lost or promises he broke.

    How on earth have we managed to have our democracy stolen from us?

  5. If you think things are bad now, read this.

    It seems Bush and Cheney are working on starting another war in the Middle East just before Obama takes office.

    Given that Nu Labour are so far up Bush's backside they can scratch his eyeballs, we can assume that we will be involved as well.

  6. There should be a dot html at the end of that link

  7. I wish they were nothing more than an animated corpse. Unfortunately they belong to that class of putrefying matter that is capable of spreading large amounts of poison around before it finally decomposes..

  8. grumpy10:27 PM

    I keep hearing dissenters to this sort of sinister crap saying things like; “Well, although we know this government’s intentions are sound, once this sort of legislation exists, what would happen if some extremist government were to gain power”. So they disagree, but for entirely the wrong reasons; they are – apparently – unaware that Brown and crew are simply negative versions (in a photographic sense) of Mugabe. Would anyone care to wager how long it will be before some 'criminal dustbin abuser' gets nicked and, once he/she is released (Whoops, Sorry!) what are his/her chances of actually receiving the 3k per day compensation?
    For whatever perverse reasons, ZanuLab is intent on the destruction of our once-fair land while we, like somnolent sheep, bleat our objections. ‘Wake Up (as they say) and smell the ersatz coffee’, a few more months of this and England is finished forever. [Does all this sound a bit over-dramatic? Then let’s all sit on our arses, wait till January 2009 and see how the EUSSR categorises its irritating offshore island and what jolly japes they have in store for us all.]

  9. grumpy10:45 PM

    Off-topic I know, but do tonk, PC Dixon et al have any further information from/about Plymouth Council's Obergruppenfuhrers?

  10. Hi Grumpy,

    The only information I had came from The Times online.
    Google Plymouth Bins, that produces some results.

    The Mail online has had a few bin stories over the last couple of days; I have forwarded them on to our Ken.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.


  11. Lord of Atlantis1:40 PM

    In 1215 the barons of this country, admittedly for their own ends rather than for altruistic reasons, compelled king John to sign Magna Carta. Amongst it's provisions was the principle that nobody could be imprisoned without having been charged and found guilty in a court of law. This principle has continued over the centuries and is also found in most democracies. However, Brown is determined to end this at all costs, a process attempted by Blair, and, if he should be successful, you can guarrantee it will be used for other situations than allegations of terrorism. This attack on our freedoms has been introduced by a Labour government, yes a Labour government, yet the foundation of the Labour party was to protect the rights of working people! I feel that nuLabour has betrayed everything it was supposed to stand for. If the Labour whips succeeed in bullying this pernicious piece of legislation through the House of Commons, let us hope the House of Lords throws it out. If that does not happen, I wonder whether it might be susceptible to a challenge under the Human Rights Act?

  12. Lord of Atlantis1:49 PM

    I understand that George W Bush is visiting this country this weekend (presumably to give Brown his orders). The Stop the War Coalition are planning a peaceful protest but have been forbidden from demonstrating in Whitehall, near Downing Street, under current anti-terrorist legislation. If this 42 days law is passed, no doubt it would be used against them on grounds of 'national security' which has often been the excuse to curtail our liberties. Yet our so-called leaders have the nerve to lecture other countries about freedom and democracy! Their hypocracy is breathtaking!

  13. number 62:52 PM

    Lord of the undersea kingdom,

    Please don't be silly wee Gordon cannot be ordered about by Bush. Shame on you for that insult to our PM; he is already acting on his orders from the EU and no silly American is going to divert him from carrying out the 'colleauges' wishes or to secure his place at the trough in Brussels with all the other pigs like Mandy and the Kinnocks.

  14. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I've just heard on the news that the Government has won the vote.

    All we need is for the Irish to vote "yes" in tomorrow's referendum and we will be stomping rather than tip-toeing towards a dictatorship in all but name.

    When, for God's sake, are people going to take a stand against all this?


  15. Dixon of Dock Green10:47 AM

    Tonk, re Plymouth, I wrote to the Council leader again with the information in the Times article. I also copied it to David Cameron and Pickles the shadow local government minister. To date I have not received a response from any of them.

    I was considering joining UKIP until the UKIP MP voted with the government yesterday.

    Now I want to join the English Militia but I can't seem to find any recruiting information about that shadowy organisation. We really do have to make a stand against these bullies.

  16. My hearty congratulations and respect goes out today to Mr David Davis, the only MP in the House of Commons who seems to have the guts to stand up and be counted as this present bunch of war criminals, led by Gordon Brown, continue to steal and ignore our legal and basic freedoms and rights.

    Well done Mr Davis, and I hope that this does indeed trigger a great nationwide debate about our rights and freedoms, and not based upon the propaganda, obfuscation and lies surrounding the myth of 9/11 and other probable state led false flag 'terrorist' attacks. Even in the heady days of the IRA, our freedoms were not under attack by these NuLabour Government criminals.

  17. Tonk.3:57 PM

    Dickson of Dock Green:

    Evening all!!

    I too wrote to Mr Cameron and received no reply.
    I also wrote to my own MP, Mr John Redwwod,via Email, of course he replied within a few minutes.
    Mr Redwood is a great and honest local MP and I like his website;

    I recently had a bin incident with my local authority and the reply from them was basically, we have the legal right and so therefore we do.

    Local officials seem to forget they are supposed to work for us.

    Isn't this country becoming a nasty place to live?