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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Dangers of Chip Pans

The Dangers of Chip PansI am sure that readers of a certain age (I include myself in that category) well remember either the live demonstrations or information films made by the firebrigade about the dangers of chip pan fires, and how to put them out safely.

Given that Britain is still a nation of chip eaters, we built our empire on chips, you would have thought that such a safety campaign would be as relevant today as it was some 30 years or so ago.

True enough, except for one small problem; Nanny believes that the demonstration itself is in fact dangerous.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service recently banned firemen from demonstrating how to put out chip pan fires to school children, due to our old "friend" health and safety.

I would have thought that a chip pan fire was in fact a major health and safety hazard, but what the fark do I know?

For decades fire crews have visited schools to deliver safety talks, and give practical demonstrations of the best way to extinguish fires.

However, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has now withdrawn the chip ban demonstration for schoolchildren in case it encourages children to tackle one at home.

Errmmm...isn't that the idea?

Surely the kids should be taught how to protect themselves?

Isn't that kind of a useful tool for life?

Seemingly not, instead the pupils will be handed leaflets and given instructions telling them what they should do in the event of a hot oil blaze occurring at home.

Firemen and parents needless to say think that the idea is bonkers, and say children need to be shown how to deal with an emergency.

During a traditional chip ban fire demonstration, a mock kitchen is used to show how fiercely the fires develop and "flashover" — where all combustible material in a space suddenly ignites — occurs.

Unless the kids are shown what can happen, and what to do (use a damp cloth, do not use water), they will instinctively pour water on it and cause an explosion.

I repeat, how on earth is denying the kids this very useful lesson protecting them?

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  1. Ken,

    Such a demonstation necessarily entails the exposure of young respiratory systems to second-hand chip smoke.


  2. Tonk. English and Proud!11:06 AM

    I feel sorry for the firemen, it must be like a big strapping young lad that plays rugby, suddenly being told by his mum, that he can't play anymore because it is far too rough and dangerous for him.

    I can see a time when we won't have a firebrigade because, tackling fires is just too dangerous.

    We are already starting to see the police being restrained by 'elf'n'safety.

    We need to get our country out of the EUSSR which is the source of so many of these crazy rules.

  3. But think of the future savings! No more training our army with guns and sharp weaponry in case someone gets hurt there too; a pamphlet, quick oral test, and off to the Middle East. All those expensive training exercises, grounds, practice ranges, etc. gone.

  4. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Coming from the USA I have to admit the video’s were great. We never had something like that in school when I was a kid. Just lots of pamphlets, non fire demonstrations and spoken advice from teachers and firemen. Instead of advice for chip fires, our big thing was the Stop, Drop and Roll bit. Very little on putting out a cook fire, lots on getting out of the building. Mind you I was in elementary school when this happened. I’m guessing the difference is because we generally don’t fry our own chips like you guys over the pond.

    As for not letting firemen in your country do their job because its to “dangerous”, what the fark!? The whole concept behind their job is dangerous, most things run away from a fire, these guys run into them. At lest let them teach the kids how to deal with a fire while its small and manageable in a controlled setting.

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I attended such a demonstration at the Scouting Centenary Camp at Linnet Clough. It was a VERY powerful demonstration and the advice was DO NOT ATTEMPT to fight the fire but GET OUT and call the Fire Brigade. The demonstration was to show what would happen if a non-trained person attempted to fight the fire and you could feel the heat from the blast over 25 yards away across an open field.
    Good Point, well made.


  6. Killjoy5:10 PM

    Nanny bans bouncy castles in Sussex as well. See:


    Good Grief!!