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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dangers of Dogs

The Dangers of DogsCave Canem!

Nanny, it seems, is no dog lover.

No real surprises there then!

Nanny's health and safety gestapo, using the EU as their excuse, have decreed that dogs and farmhouse bed and breakfasts do not mix. Therefore Nanny wants to ban dogs from their owners' kitchens.

Nanny would have us believe that the animal poses a potential health and safety hazard to guests' food. I am a pussy man myself, but if I were at a farmhouse B&B I would expect there to be animals in the general area (it would be a funny kind of farm without animals!) and would not be horrified to see a dog in the kitchen.

It seems to me that if you want a 5 star luxury hotel, sanitised and sparkling, then you book yourself into a 5 star hotel not a farmhouse B&B.

Nanny's health inspectors are having none of it, and are using new EU food hygiene laws which put small B&Bs into the same category as hotels and restaurants, to have pets banned from kitchens.

Nanny's first blood occurred in Dorset, where the owner had to give assurances to his local authority that his dog would not be in the kitchen at breakfast time.

David Weston, chairman of the British Bed and Breakfast Association, is none too impressed with this nonsense and notes that he has never come across any previous case of food poisoning by dog hair before.


"This new law covers food businesses and because a bed and breakfast serves food, they fall into that category.

The regulations weren't designed to cover people's homes, which is essentially what a bed and breakfast is.

Most of our members practise good standards of cleanliness anyway. We think the regulations should be enforced in a commonsense way.

When there is a dog in the corner of the room and nowhere near the food surface area, then we don't feel that is a threat or a danger to health

Unfortunately, Nanny does not do "common sense".

Will John, the principal environmental health officer at West Dorset District Council, said that farmhouse kitchens are a 'high risk' food preparation area.

"Most people would agree it is not hygienic to have animals in kitchens where food is being prepared.

A bed and breakfast may be somebody's home, but once a room is used to prepare high-risk food that is going to be sold to members of the public, it takes on a different meaning

Good grief!

He clearly doesn't live on this planet.

How many thousands of people have died each year from dog hairs in their B&B bacon and eggs?

How many people who own a pet, manage to prevent them from entering the kitchen?

This is complete bollocks!

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  1. Sledgehammer and nut comes to mind.

    It's that old Nanny favourite coverall; 'Elf'n'safety. If she doesn't like something she plays the 'elf'n'safety card....Works everytime and of course, the penalty for non compliance?...Kerching!! You've guessed it.

    Of course it may be a clever move by Nanny to encourage Muslims to use B&Bs:-)

  2. john rimmer12:18 PM

    Who is serving this "high risk food"? Probably to the elfin-safety crowd all food is high-risk, they probably just plug themselves into a compute port to recharge themselves.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I would be equally concerned about cats quite frankly.

    And children.

    Neither are likely to entice me into a B&B. (I have in the past spent too many nights in B&B accommodation whilst working with clients to distant from home for commuting but requiring that I cover accommodation costs under the terms of the contract.)

    However I also have friends whose mix of animals, cats and dogs in some cases, are regularly resident in the kitchen with access all areas. Well, in the case of the cats at least as they are more agile in that respect.

    If I was concerned I would simple negotiate a price for B excluding the &B and arrange my own morning repast.

    No big deal. I would rather have the lower cost than the H&SE inflated prices.

    Presumably Nanny is encouraging all the price inflation related to travel type activities these days as some sort of attempt to reach Green targets.

    The ultimate form of that would be to cover the country in windmills so that no one feels any need to travel to former 'beauty spots' for leisure and the countryside, hated by the Hampsteaders, can be blown slowly through its death throes.

    Such is life.

    How about we move Parliament and its Civil Service buttresses to an Eco development near, say, Milton Keynes and redevelop the area they occupied in London into a Theme Park or immigration reception centre?

    No dogs allowed though.


  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I think you mean 'cave canem'.

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    You'll like it just the same.