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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Dangers of Tides

The Dangers of TidesBritain is an island, surrounded by the sea, you would have thought that we would be used to the idea of tides.

Well you and I may be familiar with the idea of tides, but Nanny isn't.

South Hams Council have erected (can I have an erection at this time of day?) a sign at Castle Cove Beach Devon, which warns the public about the tide coming in.

The road-sign style warning notice reads "Beware of incoming tide".'s the seaside, people farking well know that the tide comes in.

Locals think that it's a load of bollocks, over-the-top and looks ugly in the local beauty spot.

South Hams Council said that its erection was necessary as its insurers (hah!) had told it to do so, and that public safety was "paramount".

Pass the sick bag someone!

Would the council put their hands in a fire if the insurers had told them to do so?

Weak saps!

Councillor Bill Hitchins said:

"The council has a duty of care for public safety ...that obligation remains paramount.

On the advice of the council's insurers, temporary warning signs which comply with safety sign regulations have been put up alert people to the danger of being cut off by an incoming tide

However, the council have rather hoisted themselves on their own petard as it transpires that they will now move the sign from the bathing platform to a site on the access path down to the cove; ie the sign is in the wrong place.

How much will that cost the local taxpayers?

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  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I think someone should put a warning on the 'Welcome to South Hams' signs around the town: "May Contain Nuts"

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:18 AM

    Why on earth did the council decide to put up this notice? Although I couldn't swim at the time, I knew in primary school that you got tides at the seaside. Therefore, I agree with you, Anonymous.
    I wonder if this is just part of an insidious policy, the purpose behind which is to 'discourage' people from swimming in the sea?

  3. 'Elf'n'safety......The means to control the masses.

    In my experience, for bathers the tide was more dangerous when going out.....How times change.

  4. Anonymous7:19 PM

    The current fixation on health & safety is really just a variation on an attitude that’s been around for decades.

    In the 50s, Western experts told African mothers that breast feeding was unhealthy and primitive, and that they must bottle-feed just like Westerners. Now the long-term health advantages of breast feeding are well understood.

    Then came the advice that children should be kept away from germs to ensure they grew up to be strong and healthy. Instead it led to a generation of allergy sufferers due to immune systems weakened by under-exposure to germs.

    The latest advice in the form of tender loving care is again about avoidance but this time, risk avoidance.

    As Sir Henry’s link highlighted yesterday, previous generations benefited from healthy exposure to risk, and learnt how to live with it. Including quickly identifying risk that can be ignored (e.g. being strangled by a length of bunting that’s been blown down in the wind from non-EU-compliant bolts) versus real risk that needs to be managed (e.g. relying on more than a mobile phone when climbing in the Cairngorms).

    The subject-matter may be different, but the outcome will probably be the same - a generation raised to have difficulty dealing with the day-to-day challenges that life throws at them.

  5. Lord of Atlantis11:52 AM

    I agree with what you said, Tonk, bu suggest that Nanny and her health and safety fascists pose far greater risk to swimmers (and everybody else) than the tide ever did or is likely too!