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Monday, June 16, 2008

Nanny Bans T Shirts - Freedom of Speech Is Dead

Nanny Bans T Shirts - Freedom of Speech Is Dead
Nanny would have us believe that we live in a free country, where freedom of speech is guaranteed.

True enough, so long as you don't say anything that offends Nanny or her minions; as pensioners Mike Lacey, John Wilding and his wife Tessa found out the other day.

They were attempting to join a demonstration at Heathrow airport against the proposed new runway when they were questioned and escorted from Heathrow, after police decided the Stop Airport Expansion slogan on their T-shirts was "inflammatory".

What was this "inflammatory" phrase?

"Stop Airport Expansion"

Mike Lacey, John Wilding and his wife Tessa were stopped as they tried to join a demonstration against plans for a third runway.

Five Met police officers took their names, addresses and descriptions and followed them out of a bus terminal, warning they would be arrested if they returned within 24 hours.

In a "stop and search form" officers wrote that Mr Lacey was questioned because he had been "seen in the bus terminal wearing inflammatory clothes".

A sorry state of affairs indeed when a simple T shirt upsets the state, freedom of speech is dead!

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  1. Tonk.9:47 AM

    True freedom of speech has been dead in this country for a long time now.

    Remember folks, with the EUSSR pressing ahead with the ratification of the new treaty,(sic)we are entering the post democratic phase of our history. This type of suppression will only grow; What do you think the forty two days detention without charge is for?

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    If not dead, one foot in the grave all over the West.You guys in Britain had that issue where the kid as arrested for calling scientology a cult, in France, Bridgit Bargot convicted of being a "racist," Canada's so called human rights commission has Mark Steyn and various other bloggers up on chicken charges on publishing things that" hurt Muslim feelings." If all the people who died for out freedoms could see us now, I'd doubt they would bother.

    Question for you European readers. will you have the same oportunity to vote against the EU treaty as Ireland did? .Or are you stuck with your Belguim overlord?

    Debbie in the US

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM


    They won't let us little people vote. We generally give the wrong answer when we're asked, so they sidestep that inconvenience.

  4. Thank goodness that tomorrow I'm getting out of the lunatic asylum that is Britain for a week's sunshine at Lake Garda.

    As I've just said on Rachel's blog, "We are being mindlessly railroaded - with the best of intentions, of course - into a proto-fascist state and state of mind."

    I can't imagine what my colleagues on the NCCL [Liberty] executive in the 1970s and '80s would have said about this preposterous incident. Mind you, the General Secretary and Legal Officer during the latter part of my involvement were Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman....'Nuff said.

  5. Lord of Atlantis2:46 PM

    "Question for you European readers. will you have the same oportunity to vote against the EU treaty as Ireland did?"

    Two chances: no chance and a snowflake in hell's chance!
    This incident, and countless others, serve to demonstrate that we are not a democracy, but an elected dictatorship: and they'd stop us voting too, if they thought they could get away with it: trouble is, if they did do so, they probably would!

  6. Lord of Atlantis2:53 PM

    Back in the 1970s I had a tee shirt with the words 'SOD OFF!"emblazoned on it. This was not considered offensive (by most people of my acquaintance anyway) so why are the words "Stop Airport Expansion" considered so? A great number of people undoubtedly oppose airport expansion. What really gets me is the heavy-handed attitude of the police over this, whilst they seem to adopt a 'too busy' or 'couldn't care less' attitude to real crime. And they wonder why there is so much hostility towards them from the general public!

  7. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Perhaps better to have such silly yet public events before it becomes so late that nothing can be done without severe conflict.

    Perhaps the Police are seeing it that way too and highlighting the stupidity?

    Damn, weird thoughts. It's ok. Going for my tablets now ...


  8. grumpy9:09 PM

    Sadly, the majority of the country has spent too long excusing this bloody nonsense as trivial and unimportant. In too many cases, complacent tossers have voiced opinions like, “If you have nothing to hide…”, or, “It’s about human rights you know…”, or even, God help us, “If you have to give up a bit of freedom to stop the terrorists, well it will be worth it in the end.”
    That’s how the bastards in power have managed to sidle into our private lives. Amazingly, after the corrupt 42-day vote, there were still people (some of them quite influential) saying, “These powers will only be used in emergencies…” I just hope that some of these cretins are among the first to disappear when the term ‘emergencies’ eventually covers such terrorist activities as wearing the wrong t-shirt while putting your recyclable waste in the wrong bin.
    My decision 11 years ago, to get out of the UK (and the EUSSR) seems more justified every day. [And yes, it was clear even in 1997 what our Stalinist ZanuLab Commissars had in mind for the country. Just ask any thinking person who had experience of previous Labour Governments].

  9. Anonymous10:15 PM

    LOL Grant- better take double portions of those tablets (and never mind the calories)!

    As for Grumpy's remarks - even now there are people saying that David Davis is just soft on terrorists.

    Until fairly recently (two years ago, when I realised that something was amiss when I was berated by a complete stranger because I wanted to smoke at a smoking table in a cafe) I was uninterested in politics and tended to the view that the State was benign. or at worst, incompetent) Even I, however, took one look at Tony Blair in 1997and discerned the difference between a conviction politician and a bloke on the make.

    In the past week I have felt a modicum of hope in the form of Davis' action and the Irish voting against the Treaty. I think that those two action - especially coming within days of one another - might just apply some braking.

    BTW Although I'm sure that most posters on here have discovered this for themselves, the petition on the I Want A Referendum site has been accelerating since the "No" vote.


  10. Sir Henry Morgan11:32 PM

    Er ... David Davis was a T.A. "THEM".

    I doubt he was or is soft on terrs.

  11. Sir Henry Morgan11:40 PM


    Read this. ESPECIALLY read the last paragraph where the M.E.P.s say, essentially, that half a billion European people are too stupid to vote on matters like this, and we should just leave it to our betters.

    I left a comment. Naturally they have witheld it. Fortunately, I copied it to here ... if you're interested in reading the sort of stuff they don't like to hear - or indeed anyone else to hear:

    Wonder if this is why they're talking about bringing in controls on bloggers?

    We are up against it here in Europe. We're going to need all the help we can get from you Americans. And I'm not talking about mere moral support ... though that too.

  12. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Unfortunately we Americans are shortly going to be under the command of the great, the wondrous, O. Obama will solve all of our ills if we'll just let him. According to his wife Michelle, Obama won't let us be complacent anymore, Obama is going to make us work, etc...

    Great! 200+ years of democracy down the tubes.

  13. number 68:42 AM

    Curious, is it not, that Nanny's minions can remove a people wearing a T shirt with a perfectly innoncent statement writ upon it yet fail to remove placards from members of a certain religious group calling for murder and beheading of innocent people.

    Double standards anyone? Or once again Nanny coming down hard on responsible citizens voicing a legitimate concern,whilst pandering to atavastic and blood thirsty 'minorities' within this country.


  15. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Yes Debbie, it’s considered an almost certainty that if people in the UK were allowed to vote on this issue, we’d vote ‘No’; just as the Irish have voted ‘No’ and just as the French and Dutch voted ‘No’ in 2005 when they were given a chance.

    And so we’re not given a vote. Instead, the Government says “Yes” on our behalf which is how the 99% is constructed that we’re told the Irish must not be allowed to hold back.