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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nanny Bans Bunting

Nanny Bans Bunting
The Health and Safety Gestapo have donned their jackboots again, and recently put the boot into a little piece of harmless village history.

Each year, Hatfield Broad Oak in Essex holds an annual festival and garnishes itself with bunting and brightly coloured flags.

The festival has fundraising events, floral displays, a dog show, a craft fair, a dance and a 10km run and raises about £10,000 a year for local groups and charities.

This year the decorations have had to be abandoned.


Health and safety!

Nanny's chums in Essex Highways are concerned that the bunting presents a threat to people's health and safety. The festival has been run for decades without any bunting disasters.

Janet Pugh, a member of the festival organising committee, said:

"Every year we've put up bunting across the road in Hatfield Broad Oak, high enough not to interfere with the passing traffic, but last year someone complained about it to Essex Highways.

The bottom line is that Essex Highways said we didn't have a licence.

We filled in application forms for a licence but the red tape involved is so complicated.

All we want to do is put up a little bit of bunting to celebrate our festival week which raises money for the church. It's a few flags for a maximum of 10 days.

They seem to link bunting in with elaborate Christmas lights – if this was Oxford Street you could understand it

The health and safety rules mean that the festival's organisers would have to use fixed points on buildings using stainless steel eyebolts that have to undergo rigorous wind and stress tolerance testing.

Leigh Trevitt, a parish councillor, said:

"We use common sense when we put up the bunting. Of course we are concerned about safety, but there has never been any accidents. We are talking about a piece of string with flags on it, nothing heavy, it's ludicrous.

Our village is a little piece of old England and if we are not careful we will lose all our rights

Commonsense does not apply in Nanny's Britain, she banned it!

As Mr Trevitt says, if we are not careful we will lose all our rights.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Maybe another old village tradition of the public stocks could be re-introduced for the miserable git who complained.

  2. I simply can't believe my eyes. As the author of the best known Bunting blog in Christendom, I very nearly cried. Best wishes to all, Mrs P

  3. number 610:01 AM

    We have already lost all your rights as Englishmen and women. The 'elf and safety directive' comes direct from the EU, our new government.

    Say it again, vote UKIP and let us get the hell out of this poxy soviet sytled political bloc.

  4. Now let me guess, with a license comes a charge and the ability for some local petty minded jobsworth (I think they call them 'elf'n'safety officers) to interfere.

    It is crazy petty minded officialdom like this that gets everyone's backs up. What ever happened to commonsense and live and let live?

    Cue the "professional" 'elf'n'safety staff that always write in and state that, this is down to untrained, inexperienced 'elf'n'safety personnel and does not reflect the 'elf'n'safety industry (sic) as a whole.

  5. john rimmer10:59 AM

    Yes, Tonk, that's what they claim, but it's funny that the 'real' elfin safety mob don't seem to actually do anything about it when the 'amateurs' do stupid things like this.

    Is there an irate letter from the Health & Safety Inspectorate zooming off to Essex County Council telling them what a load of prats they are?

    Somehow I think not.

  6. John Rimmer:

    I have a theory that goes something like this;

    If the government of the day creates thousands of new "non" jobs to massage the unemployment figures, there is a danger that, these recipients of the said jobs, will try to do something, almost anything, to justify their position. So, often they will take crazy unthought out actions to attempt to justify their non role and thus empire build.
    Often, many of these people have never had a real job before and certainly never one with power, they become drunk on the power and often make crazy petty decisions because they can.

    The problem is, it is spreading into the general workforce, power has been given to bin men, and often they love the power and use it to justify leaving rubbish uncollected due to a bin crime violation, such as leaving a lid open.

    I just look forward to the day we have an almighty great backlash to such Nannyism/power abuses.....It can't be far off now....Can it?

  7. number 611:51 AM

    Dear Tonk,

    That day can be hastened on by all of us refusing to accept Nanny's bullshit and standing up for ourselves. Challenge every stupid nanny rule, take it all the way to court, do what is necessary to win or at least to make the life of one or more miserable council jobsworths just that little bit more soul destroying than the actual pathatic life they live.

    I agree, dustmen having 'power. is absoutley mad, they are paid to empty bins and that is that.If they feel undervalued in that position they can always take thier vast talents into the open market and find another job.

  8. Number Six:

    I agree, and you will be pleased to know that I do fight against Nannyism and the twin evils of the Jobsworth and the 'elf'n'safety Gestapo.

    Today, I have pinged off a letter to my own local Nanny following a bin man's refusal to take my green waste. It actually took the binman lnger to write out the note saying why my waste fell foul of the bin crime agenda, then it would have taken him to empty it, apparently it was in the wrong colour bag.

    I have now burned the said waste and doubt that I shall bother to put myself out recycling garden waste again.

  9. Anonymous11:58 AM


    The binmen have long come off my christmas drinks for the lads list as they are now nasty little council jobsworths who have ideas well above their station, instead of simply emptying our sodding bins a service for which we pay a very hefty council tax for.

  10. Lord of Atlantis2:33 PM

    Anonymous said...
    "Maybe another old village tradition of the public stocks could be re-introduced for the miserable git who complained."

    Fully agree, and with the comments of 'Tonk' and 'Number Six' in particular. The petty minded jobsworths who take so much pleasure in ruining peoples enjoyment by enforcing these dictats should also be made to become intimately acquainted with the stocks.

    9:40 AM