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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bin Brother - The Food Inspectors

Bin Brother
Congratulations to Tory run Mid-Sussex District Council for proving that it is not just usless Labour councils that seek to interfere in our lives and spy on us.

Resdients within the remit of this council are having their rubbish secretly sifted and weighed, to see how much food they are throwing away.

-Why is this the council's business?

-What gives them the right to spy on people in this manner?

-Were the residents ever asked to give their permisson for this?

It seems that wheelie-bins are being taken from residents without their knowledge, and spot checked to see how many scraps of food are in them and how much they weigh.

The counbcil have told the residents that it is a "fact-finding" exercise to gauge how much food is being dumped.

-Why does the council need to know this?

-What will the council do with this information?

The cost to the residents of this spying is £1700.

I guaranatee that once this "fact finding" exercise has been completed, the local residents will find a whole new raft of charges and taxes being imposed on them by their council.

Why should a council be so interested in finding new ways to tax its citizens?

They are broke, they cannot afford to pay the generous slaalries that their executioves receive and cannot afford to fund the defined benefit pension shcmes that all public sector workers and council employees receive.

Councils are of course gutless, and will not cut back on these perks as they enhance their power. It is fare asier to milk the residents dry, as the residents and voters will be sent to jail if they don't pay up.

That's known as "local democracy"!

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  1. Perhaps the local authority will adopt a similar policy to the one many parents used when I was growing up;
    "If you don't eat it now you will eat it later."

    Perhaps their variation may be;
    "Until you use that food, we will not allow Tescos to sell you any more."

    It seems to me, given the recent story about a twenty something year old woman being refused the right to purchase a bottle of Jack Daniels BBQ relish at Tescos, because the sauce contained two percent alcohol and she had no ID on her, Tesco would be keen to assist the Local Nanny to enforce such a policy.
    Tescos, it is reported, also refused to sell the BBQ relish to her thirty something year old brother who DID have ID because, the checkout monkey had reason to suspect he may buy it and hand it over to his sister. How on Earth did such an organisation become Britains biggest retailer?

    Is it me or has the world gone crazy?

  2. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Tonk wrote:

    "Is it me or has the world gone crazy?"

    If it's not the world then you and I must be in the same asylum.

    It's collection day around here, I hear the bin lorry approach (household waste this week!). Must go and 'watch'.


  3. Sir Henry Morgan6:08 PM

    Off topic I know ... but have a read of this. If there's something worse than a nanny it's a zealous nanny.

    As a matter of interest - does anyone know of any councils that can match something we've got? We have a "Wigan and Leigh Hate Crimes Co-ordinator". I keep trying to provoke him into raising a "Hate Crime" case against me, to the extent of calling him a POS on line.

    I've come to believe that the only way of putting an end to this sort of stuff is to deliberately provoke them into taking actions against us that they will, on - too late - reflection, they will regret having done because it will be such rank stupidity that even our supine media will start a serious campaign to sack nanny.

    So if you're reading this Elliot Brown - I still think you're a POS, and will say so at every opportunity.

    Sorry Ken - I just needed to say that.

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM

    A Hate Crimes Co-Ordinator?

    Sounds quite positive to me. Could I ring him up and offer a few suggestions for some hate crimes he might like to co-ordinate?


  5. Jeff Wood8:43 PM

    Do I remember that somewhere in Gulliver's Travels, there is a society where the snoopers check on people's lavatory waste, looking for signs of dissidents and other undesirables?

    Seems to me we are nearly there.

  6. grumpy10:47 PM

    jeff wood said; "...the snoopers check on people's lavatory waste.."
    Oh, Wow! I think we should all be campaigning for this to happen in Britain today.
    I for one would be happy to post all of mine (and my family's) lavatory waste to Gordon and any of his minions. In fact, I'd be delighted to fly back to the UK tomorrow and hand it to them personally.

  7. Sir Henry Morgan10:58 PM


    I've already asked him about that. Reply got I none.

    Now I'm not an original Wiganer (I'm Welsh), but I got as mad as hell at him when I read this - something he said in the online version of the local Wigan paper (which is actually rather a good local paper) - and this I consider to be itself a "Hate Crime". And just think, this man is essentially policing the behaviour of Wigan people! And after letting them know this is what he thinks of them!

    " elliot,17/01/2008 12:28:33
    Imbeciles was the old name for those children that are borne from incestuous relationships. It is a little known fact that a certain area within the borough of wigan and leigh had the highest rate of imbeciles in the UK. Its true to say that at one point in the history of the borough....some fathers thought on it as their priveledge to de-flower their daughters. Infact in some areas, it was the expectation.Thank goodness for new blood coming into the Borough. The aggression from some people on the issue of 'new blood coming into the area' is, the view of many,...that this is infact remnants of 'the good old days', it were."

    If nothing else we have to question his fitness for purpose on the basis of his lack of judgement. Fancy saying that in the online version of the best-selling local paper. Good judgement?

    Scroll down to comment 45. That moron is our "Hate Crime Co-ordinator" - aka "Nanny"

  8. "Little known facts" are in the same category as those which "everybody knows" - useless pieces of misinformation which are usually garbage of the sort not [alas] collected by bin men.

  9. number 66:59 AM

    We all now live in a 'country' where the 'government' read the EU and its sock puppets here can now throw us into gaol for 42 days without trial.

    Is it any wonder that nanny's cretinous jobsworths can stick their noses into our bins with impunity.

    Come the bin inspectors hereabouts and I will ensure that I fee my dog some extra sloppy doggo meat so that those packages of dog shite in the bin (wrapped in nappy bags as nanny dictates) will be nice and ripe and runny for them to root through.

  10. Dixon of Dock Green11:02 AM

    Sir Henry Morgan: Sir, is that the despicable Elliot Brown who cannot even string a sentence together in the Queen's English? The slimy little weasel who gives the impression of being 14 years old with the brain of Heinrich Himmler? Is that the one? If so, you are not alone in your contempt of said officious, I mean official.

    I have often wondered how one co-ordinates hate crimes. Still, there are certainly more of them now. If it is one thing this government has done it is to incite hatred against it.

  11. I've posted an item about Wigan's Hate Crimes Co-ordinator in Anticant's Burrow:

  12. Sir Henry Morgan12:46 PM


    You have just given a perfect pen-portrait of our Elliot. So you know who I'm talking of then?

    Don't have any interesting little nuggets I can embarrass him with I don't suppose? I have his email address.


    Thanks for that. If I can't provoke him into bringing a 'Hate Crime' case against me, then the least I can do is try and embarrass him into quitting and moving to another town. Preferably in the vicinity of Timbuctoo.