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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Dangers of Pies

The Dangers of PiesAs we saw over the weekend, mass gatherings of people organised via the net can cause Nanny a few headaches.

I refer of course to the last night of legal drinking on the tube party, last Saturday, which on the whole was good natured but towards the end of the evening got a bit out of hand.

Anyhoo, Nanny normally does her best to stop such gatherings of people; as the pie flingers of Brighton recently found to their cost.

The world's largest ever pie fight, scheduled to have taken place on 24 May in Brighton, had to be cancelled as a result of concerns over health and safety.

Pie Fight Brighton, which had been promoted (just like the last night of drinking on the tube) through Facebook, was abandoned when the Sussex Police intervened. Seemingly Nanny was rather spooked when she realised that over 1,000 people had signed up to take part.

The event was to have been a spontaneous 10 minute "splatterthon", but officers have asked for a postponement so it can be properly organised with the backing of local agencies.

A pie fight spokesman sent out a message to members saying:

"At the time there were less than 100 people signed up. Now there's more than 1,000 and, unsurprisingly, the police aren't too happy about it.

The police have a good sense of humour and think it's a fun idea and have suggested we organise the event for real. Okay, it's not as spontaneous as it was but we could easily turn this into a world record attempt

The new date and location for the postponed pie fight have not been confirmed. I wonder if the council will try to ban it on the grounds of public liability insurance being insufficient?

In case you are worried about the waste of food, participants have been advised to make their custard pies out of shaving foam.

The net is a very powerful tool for mobilising people, and Nanny is afraid of it.


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  1. number 610:33 AM


    I agree the net is a fab tool for organising people- let us use your esteemed organ (may I still say that) to do just so against Nanny and her lickspittle minions.

  2. Number 6

    Should we even be discussing, let alone thinking of using, my "esteemed organ"?

    There may be people of a nervous disposition reading?


  3. I am sure there will be money to be made by Nanny....I suspect a license fee and then of course, payment for the policing....Kerching...There goes Nanny's till again.

    I am sure the 'Elf'n'Safety Gestapo will get involved.

    You may be right that the council will play the insurance card to stop people having fun when they could be at work and thus paying tax.

  4. number 611:43 AM


    One's organ may be swiped at Nanny methinks but only if it has the desired result of making her shy away from further intrusions into ones life.

    Otherwise, said organ should be kept discreetly covererd at all times lest those of a delicate dispostion should become disturbed by such a public display of organ waving in front of Nanny and her minions.

  5. Let's hope that when this pieathon does take place, the participants will heave hundreds of really sloppy custard pies at the spoilsport councillors and officious jobsworths.

  6. Anonymous11:44 PM

    "got a bit out of hand"!
    See - the authorities are right to control

  7. number 67:53 AM


    The 'authorities' have plenty of laws and the police to deal with problems such as loutish behaviour.

    I object to the nanny state trying to run every aspect of our lives, not to the law getting tough with people pissed out of their minds and causing problems for other people simply trying to get home.

    On that subject, it saddens me that the Brits will get off their lager sodden arses to protest when the booze is banned on the train, but do sod all when their very country is sold out to the EU.

  8. Lord of Atlantis10:22 AM

    "On that subject, it saddens me that the Brits will get off their lager sodden arses to protest when the booze is banned on the train, but do sod all when their very country is sold out to the EU."

    Or when Blair, Brown and co abolish Magna Carta by introducing detention without trial.

  9. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Lord, that is coming as we will be forced to adopt the 'Napoleonic code of justice' as we are sucked ever further into the socialist nightmare that is the EU.

    Maybe when they take away Eastenders or make the footie team wear the ringpiece of stars on their shirts, there might be an uprsising, but I doubt it.

  10. On a related issue, we received a letter from our vet at Christmas telling us to keep dogs away from mince pies.

    Has the world gone mad?

    There is nothing a spaniel likes more during the festive season than a mince pie and a small advocaat. Some breeds - such as pugs - cannot digest pastry easily, but let us not tar all creatures with the same brush.
    Cordially yours, Mrs P