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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Two Fingers To The Bin Men

Two Fingers To The Bin MenNanny's health and safety obsession has infected every aspect of our lives.

Binmen in Warmintser are the latest people to succumb to the infection. They have issued an edict to the residents of the town as follows:

"If we can't pull your wheelie bin using just two fingers it is too heavy - and won't be emptied."

They have decided that bins that need three or more fingers constitute a health and safety risk, as they could fall from the lorry while being emptied.

West Wiltshire District Council is backing the binmen. The council denies that there is an official "two-finger" policy. However, they admit that its binmen use the test.

Nicole Smith, spokesman for West Wiltshire District Council, said:

"Focsa, our waste contractors, are unable to empty wheeled bins that are too heavy, due to the safety risk of the bin falling from the vehicle's lifting gear during emptying.

If, at any time, a bin is considered by the operatives to be overloaded, a sticker will be placed on the lid letting the householder know that they have been unable to take the bin.

If any resident has had a 'heavy' sticker left on the bin then they will be required to remove some of the contents for it to be emptied

Can someone explain to me exactly why we have local councils, and why we pay council tax?

I suggest that we give the council and FOCSA a hearty two fingered salute of our own!

-West Wiltshire Council

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  1. These bin contractors should be binned.

  2. In my experience, binmen need very little excuse not to do their job.
    In a leage table of unwilling workers, binmen would more than likely come out on top.

    Now imagine the situation when these same jobsworths will be able to issue fines for bin crimes....Upset your local binman and get a fine. It is crazy to give power to oiks because they are not be used to having power and that power goes to their heads.

    The only time binmen used to be human, was when they were able to knock at your door just before Christmas looking for a Christmas box. Now the local councils have stopped that practice, the binmen don't give a toss about public relations.

    The outcome of my own dispute with the bin authorities?
    The waste management manager responded to my query and in effect said that, legally they can and so they do. What a prat!!

    If you don't want someone to do something, hide behind 'elf'n'safety or green fascism, no one dares to do it then.

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  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    The bin people around here seem to be quite reasonable and certainly don't hang about. I think they are on a fixed deal so if they finish early the time is theirs. Maybe there is also a bonus somewhere?

    The council, on the other hand, should be taken to court for fraud. Or taking money by false pretences or whatever we could make stick.

    Focsa seems to be a name with much potential. Might have guessed that Severn Waste Services was in the mix. Also Spanish owned (FSUK Ltd).

    Being Spanish, used to emptying mostly empty bins once I day I suppose, in terms of H.O. H&S policies.

    I would think it might be possible to weight the bins to make them easier to incline with 2 fingers, despite being heavier. Of course whose two fingers would make a difference. Don't you just love the modern scientific method?


  5. Anonymous3:37 PM

    How long have industrial dust bin carts been used to lift and hoist bins? What nonsense to read that the bin may fall off or damage the lifitng gear.. Are they using Tonka toys? Wankers.

  6. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Perhaps one could start to leave gifts out for the bin persons.

    Pink might be a nice colour selection. With ribbons and bows.

    One might also identify the type of vehicle and lifting gear employed and write to the manufacturer asking why their equipment is so fragile.

    Also the council to ask them why they signed a contract with such an incompetent company and whether they have a get out clause. If not , could they identify who agreed the contract and make them pay the additional costs for those rate payers who have been defrauded.


  7. "Focsa, our waste contractors, are unable to empty wheeled bins that are too heavy, due to the safety risk of the bin falling from the vehicle's lifting gear during emptying."

    Then the "gear" and/or the bins have a massive design flaw. All the designs I have seen in my area are capable of handling around four hundred lbs (what is that in stone) routinely - ie failure point is over six hundred lbs.

    "Bin men" used to have a bit of shame. Many years back the local ones refused to empty a "too heavy" bin, until a letter to the local government pointed out that my thirteen-year-old sister had carried it (this was pre-wheelies, circa 1958) over seventy feet. A special trip ensued, an apoloogy was forthcoming, and our trash was never again left behind.

    Of course, it may have helped that my father had been a local football hero at school with many of the local politicians...

  8. I'm trying to find out how many binmen have been seriously injured/crushed to death by bins falling off the lifting mechanism.

    Not had much success I'm afraid.

  9. Alice, thoroughly P'd off2:05 AM


    Let's start dumping our rubbing at the dead of night outside the binman depo thingy.

  10. number 68:37 AM


    We have local councils, like we have the mafia, because we are forced to have them.

    Don't pay your protection money to Luigi and the boys and they come round and burn a downa your house and business.

    Don't pay council tax to Clive at the local council and they take you to court and finally seize your property and home.

    At least the cosa nostra are 'honest' villians and thieving bastards.

  11. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Absolutely right Number 6.

    The choice is made even more stark with the paramilitary wing of the BBC (i.e. TVLA).

    ‘Pay us your money each year and we’ll stop threatening you’.

  12. Well, I think that we should be giving West Wiltshire County Council a hearty pat on the back. After all they are quite obviously earning their 'positive about disabled people' status by employing all these folks with only two fingers as binmen...sorry, binpersons. Are we to assume that they will take this further and we can expect blind (sorry, visually impaired) drivers in the cabs with their seeing dogs barking a warning every time a child runs out to grab the toy strapped to the front of the vehicle. Maybe lorries will be accompanied by a retinue of wheelchairs and motability carriages as those with mobility problems are also employed as loaders ?

  13. Lord of Atlantis1:55 PM

    Now I've heard everything (a statement I've made many times over the past few years). When I was a lad, back in the 1950s and the 1960s, we had solid metal bins, which the dustmen collected from our back gardens, hoisted them on their backs and emptied them into the dustcart by hand, without aids such as hydraulic lifts, without a word of complaint. Today's dustmen don't know they have been born, and seem a right bunch of wusses in comparison. The councils who permit, and indeed, encourage this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves. It is time that both the councils and the dustmen remembered that they are a public 'service' although, in the 21st century's privatised, target plus health and safety obsessed environment, there seems little hope of that happening.

  14. Anonymous1:21 PM

    LOL what a load of crap, Remeber years ago when bin men over the country went on strike ? yes, shed loads of fubbish all over the streets... rat infestations.. need I go on. Most people take dont appreciate that every household in the UK is visited by a bin man every week... as for the old days when bin men used to collect metal bins on their shoulders, back then the routes were 20% the size of modern routes. now an average route will collect over 1000 wheeled bis per day. how many times do you think these dedicated collectors have heard "I pay your wages" and other council tax related statements.. Now consider the fact that only a tiny percentage of your taxes goes to refuse collection. I would also assume if you got a really heavy bin your probably not doing a lot of recycling. Thats right, why should you care eh.. you havent got the time to sort it out and either take it to a recycle site, or place it out for collection. I recycle everything and guess what... my bin never even gets full..

    Go and troll somewhere else idiots. you dont see the bin men going on strike every xmas like the postal service does. Or... if its so damn easy to do our job.. go and try it out.. Im sure after loading 22 tonnes of rubbish per day youll soon realise that the bin men are in fact dedicated, unapreciated, and hard working. Granted there are exceptions to this as there are with all walks of life, but try to look at the big picture before you flame up an industry that keeps the rubbish out of your face.