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Friday, June 06, 2008

The Dangers of Walking

The Dangers of WalkingHaving run this site for almost 4 years, I really thought that I had seen it all.

I was wrong!

This story takes the proverbial biscuit, and clearly demonstrates how Nanny throws commonsense out of the window when applying rules and regulations.

Mark Bailey (charged with stealing cable from a railway line) appeared at Northampton Magistrates Court on Tuesday for a committal hearing, ie he is still innocent until proven guilty.

Now there was a slight cock up, in that he was initially taken to the Crown Court instead. As such, he needed to be taken to the correct court for his hearing.

The two courts are a mere 200 yards apart.

My first reaction was that he could have walked there. However, I accept the point raised by the police that as he is innocent; the sight of him being escorted in public in handcuffs is a breach of human rights legislation etc.

Before you all shout:

So What!

Let us be clear that governments, the police and the media have been known to make a lot of mischief with pictures of people (who are innocent) in handcuffs being led to/from court by police officers.

Therefore it is not wrong for the transfers to be effectuated in a manner that retains the person's dignity, as long as he remains innocent.

Here is where the problem arises.

Instead of finding the nearest vehicle, or other covered means, to move him (eg a blanket over his head), Nanny chose to summon a security van that had to make a 120 mile trip to carry out this mission.

The van took nearly three hours to arrive.

Why not use a blanket, and use a squad car?

Commonsense, if it had been applied here, would have saved a lot of time and money being wasted.

Nanny has thrown away commonsense, and bred a nation of people who cannot think for themselves or use their own initiative.

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  1. The problem of course was the privatisation of the court escort services.

    These companies, some subsidiaries of American prison service providers, took over the court escort, dock officer and court cells contracts from the prison service and police in the mid nineties.

    As I recall from my days as a prison officer, the contractors are paid a fixed amount for the services they provide and can only charge extra for additional services, I doubt if the case highlighted would attract additional fees.

    We are not told how much of an escape risk the accused is, he may well have come into the court on bail. I suspect the local police station could have sent a police car to do the transfer had he been an escape risk but, there was much bad feelings between the prison service and the police towards these contractors. There may lay the answer.

  2. Lord of Atlantis2:26 PM

    With time and money being wasted on this kind of crap, it is no wonder our criminal 'justice' system, health service, education and transport system is in such a mess! Whoever authorised the security van to make this 120 mile round trip (at a time of record fuel costs)should have the amount summarily deducted from their salaries, as an incentive for them to use common sense in future, a commodity which Nanny and her minions seem sadly lacking in!