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Monday, June 09, 2008

Binmens' Bears Banned

Binmens' Bears Banned
Ah, the sweet smell of schadenfreude (a new fragrance from the House of Frost).

Having read a number of stories about binmen who won't remove rubbish because the bins were up steps, or too heavy or contained cabbage stalks, or goodness knows what; it is refreshing to see that the binmen are now getting a taste of their own medicine from the Health and Safety Gestapo at Haringey Council in North London.

It seems that those little teddy bears, that you see attached to dustbin lorries, are deemed by Nanny's Health and Safety Gestapo to be a health and safety issue.

No, not a health and safety issue to the teddy bears and not to the binmen; but to children, who may be tempted to rush over and nick the bear.

"Officials", I always laugh when I see that word (it usually means some jobsworth in a quasi junior bureaucratic role, not anyone with any real role in life), claim that a child could be injured running out into the road to grab a toy.

The binmen are upset, and say that the ban is "ludicrous". They will fight the ban, even if it means going on strike.

Quell surprise!

Doug Taylor, general manager of Haringey Enterprise, is standing firm and has issued a written edict:

"Quite why adults would wish to decorate their vehicles this way is frankly beyond me.

These items could attract children who may run into the road and suffer injury. On the grounds of health and safety and presenting a professional image of our company, I want all such decorations disposed of with immediate effect

National organiser of the GMB Onion, sorry I mean Union, Justin Bowden said:

"I've never heard of this happening before. It's absolutely crackers and completely unjustified. These managers have taken leave of their senses. It's just ludicrous.

Collecting refuse is a dirty, mundane and repetitive business. The lads like a mascot because it brightens up their day and gives the wagon a little bit of individuality. It's become a tradition over the years and I don't think my members will take too kindly to being told to drop it

Ah the threat of two fingers, where have I seen that before?

Oh yes, my previous article!

One dustman said:

"There are lots of ways an accident could happen on the round but a child jumping in front of the truck to grab a teddy definitely isn't one of them.

The bosses would be better off concentrating on real health and safety issues such as the weight of rubbish we have to lift and avoiding getting knocked down by impatient motorists

Ah, the sweet smell of schadenfreude (a new fragrance from the House of Frost).

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  1. Tonk.9:39 AM

    There is a certain irony in the 'elf'n'safety cover all excuse being used against the kings of the 'elf'n'safety excuse, namely the binmen.

    I can't personally see why a kid would want a dirty teddy bear from off the front of a bin lorry anyway.

    It seems the local council and the binmen are playing a game of elf'n'safety trumps.

    When local governmental bodies take an interest in things like this, it suggests to me that, some of their employees have too much time on their hands and not enough real work to keep them occupied.

  2. ukipwebmaster11:39 AM

    Have you seen this:

  3. Hmmmm! Wonder if this works the other way ? If I tie a mouldy banana to the front of my car can I get one of the obnoxious bastards from my local councils 'refuse management enforcement officers' department to run out in front of me ? One less bureaucrat and the chance to make a claim from stress, trauma and other assorted damages against the council. Result!

  4. Sir Henry Morgan12:39 PM

    So when are the elfinsafedee nazis going to come down hard on the British Army then? I can see the bloke on the bike making eyes at the crew's teddy bear. Look

  5. Anonymous1:24 PM

    The teddy bear thing is stupid, but to strike over it? Where do they think they are, France?


  6. Lord of Atlantis1:42 PM

    I have little sympathy forbin men, on account of some of the stunts pulled by them in recent months, but on this issue I support them totally. They should tell these jumped up jobsworths to "---- off!"

  7. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Binmen are really a bunch of lazy bastards who are too thick to get a real job. Any excuse not to take the bins away - too heavy, wrong colour, not placed exactly 2 inches from the curb, wrong kind of steps, wrong kind of rain on the day and they will take it.

    Seem to recall the old donkey jacketed lads back in the 1960s, 1970s, lifting the metal bins on their backs with naff all complaining. Used to bung them some beer or a couple of quid in the christmas card. Today's hi-vis vested (why must all of nanny's toadys have to wear stupid yellow glowing vests) don't get fxxxx all from us, but rest assured the local poxy council gets a good earful every time the lazy gits spill rubbish and don't pick it up. I remind them it is a health and safety issue and should I slip well there will be a lawsuit. Nanny dispatches them back to clear up. The look on their faces is a treat!

  8. It doesn't bear thinking about!

  9. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Bearly a day goes by without ....

  10. Anonymous4:55 PM

    So, they've been Steiffed!


  11. Anonymous6:37 PM

    You know it occurs to me that we could get the binpersons 'on side' here.

    The objections to bears seems to be based on kiddies running into the road for some reason.

    Presumably kiddies would not run into the road if the item attached to the truck was, say, something in a 'hi-viz' vest carrying a clipboard. Thus all objections would evaporate surely?


  12. The bosses would be better off concentrating on real health and safety issues such as the weight of rubbish we have to lift and avoiding getting knocked down by impatient motorists."

    I always though it was the arms on the truck that lifted the bins. Obviously I am wrong.
    Also, how many binmen have been knocked down recently by impatient motorists?

  13. Grant

    In a mad rush of blood to the head on a recent BA flight, I purchased their "Wilbur" bear for Eva; complete with hard hat, high viz vest etc...(he was being sold the celebrate the "success" of T5!)..

    I could rent him out to binmen at a very reasonable cost, to test your theory.


  14. Anonymous3:25 PM


    Wilbur sounds like an interesting idea though still a bear of course.

    I would have thought there might be a suitable callow youth available from the H&SE youth opportunity training scheme. A couple of large tie-wraps should secure him (or her - like a figurehead at the prow of a ship perhaps) to the front of the Refuse Collection Vehicle (a more apt name would be difficult to find) yet not attract the unwanted attention of unrestrained children.

    Absent a real live human perhaps a suitable blowup replica could be obtained. On expenses of course, justified as a pedestrian protecting airbag.


  15. a sort of mobile stocks and pillory?