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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bin Brother - The Rubbish Spies

Bin Brother
Dear of dear, Nanny really ought to get out more as clearly she is becoming increasingly eccentric.

It transpires that, in a fit of boredom and extreme nosiness, Nanny's chums in approximately 100 town halls have been conducting secret searches of their residents' rubbish bins.

The aim was not just to check up on what people were throwing away (wrt environmental issues), but also to conduct a clandestine classification exercise into monitoring the "wealth/social status" of the local population.

Doubtless this "wealth classification" is viewed as a means to determine how much extra taxes the state can screw out of us.

In one area householders were divided into categories on the basis of their rubbish, ranging from Level One Wealthy Achiever to Level Five Hard Pressed.

In Kent, a predominantly Tory area, 11 councils allowed took bins from more than 2,000 homes and allowed "officials" working for the Kent Waste Partnership to inspect them.

The waste was dumped into a big pile and sorted into 66 different categories, which included ten types of paper and card, 11 types of plastic, five sorts of glass, six kinds of textiles and a miscellaneous category that included disposable nappies, carpet and sanitary waste.

As said, this is merely an excuse by Nanny to look for ways to tax us more. I suggest that we start to leave "little surprises" in the bins, that skew the statistics (eg the opposite type of waste that you would normally throw out) or leave the bin spies with grubby/smelly hands (eg unbagged dog shit).

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  1. Number 610:38 AM

    Ken, isn't 'waste' techincally our property until emptied by the bin men? Strikes me that we (re all opposed to the nanny state) should look toward working with any liberty minded lawyers and groups who will challenge this move in the courts.

    Otherwise, I fear we are just pissing and moaning in the best Brit fashion, which allows nanny to walk all over us in her elf and saferty approved boots.

  2. Ken

    I fear you are right.....I suspect it may "assist" Nanny's review of council tax(rip-off tax)banding....Something I know she is keen to do.

    I wonder if technically, Nanny's little helpers are committing a crime by doing this; We put rubbish out for it to be disposed off....We allow refuse collectors onto our premises to collect the said waste for removal for disposal....Therefore, it could be mooted that, anyone that enters my premises to take my rubbish to search through it, technically is entering my property as a tresspasser and by taking my rubbish, which is still my property, with an intention to permanantly deprive me of it in a dishonest way is guilty of burglary under section 9 of the theft act 1968. Just a thought, I wonder if any Lawyers that read this site would care to comment.

  3. Number 611:13 AM

    Tonk, my thoughts exactly surely we have some legal eagle types who read this fine blog and would like to get involved? If they do, I run my own pr company and can assure them a good run of media coverage in the battle against nanny. Hope we can now move on to fighting for our liberties and taking nanny on in addition to just venting our spleens here.

    Ken, your site is an excellent forum to take the battle to nanny. What say you?

  4. Number Six:

    Couldn't agree more......Nanny, keenly assisted by her yes sheep in local government,(sic) use powers in ways they were never intended to be used....I drew Ken's attention yesterday, to the new powers Nanny gave the police and Olympic officials to enter peoples homes to remove protest materials.....The police stated that they would not use such powers which begs the question, why such powers were given in the first place, especially given the fact that Nanny voiced concerns in relation to 'uman rights when China staged the games last year and exercised similar oppressive measures.

    We do need to draw a line in the sand and constantly write to our MPs about such abuse of Nanny's powers, sadly I suspect things will not change under Dave "Cameron-Blair" indeed, as a lifelong Conservative, I even question if Dave is even a Conservative at all.

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I always leave cat litter in our general waste. If my local council feels like wading through that, then good luck to them!!

  6. Number 612:07 PM

    Tonk, have to say that I was a Conservative voter for many years- however Dave 'Boy Green' Cameron was the final straw for me. I left the party and joined UKIP.

  7. Number Six:

    I must admit I voted UKIP in this year's EUSSR election as I felt they represented what was the traditional Conservative position.....My own MP, whom I am in regular contact with, John Redwood, is certainly more traditional compared to most of our frontbench and I feel I will have to look carefully at the arguments before the next general election, whenever "Courage" has the bottle to call it. I am pulled towards UKIP I must admit and I suspect many true blues are too....I don't like what my party has become under DC; BluLabour?

  8. Speenzman5:20 PM


    Very good, I like that :-)

  9. Number 67:03 AM

    Tonk Speenzman, Blue Labour/Old Labour/New Lib Labia I am afraid they are all in favour of the "European project" aided and abetted by a supine media and sheep who believe their outright lies about the 'benefits' of being in the super-socilaist nanny EU.

    The day Dave Boy Green Cameron stops prating on about 'climate change' and starts talking about getting us out of the EU is the day I vote Tory again.

    Redwood seems to talk the talk, but at the end of the day fall in line with the Tory 'position' on the EU, eg in it but not run by it, when in fact we are totally controlled by the vile organisation.

  10. Anonymous9:07 AM

    My bin always has lots of bags of dog shite in it courtesy of our shit bag hound crapping all over the garden.

    I do hope nanny's little helpers enyoy wading through it. I am sure it won't be long before it is classed as hazardous waste and we have to pay more to have it removed.

  11. Sadly I doubt that Dave could stop pushing the green agenda even if he wanted to because, as I read elsewhere on the blogsphere, the pro green agenda was effectively purchased by a wealthy party doner.
    As the main parties became more PR, image and presentation focused they needed more and more money to keep the party machine oiled....As many of us stopped financial support to the parties as our voices became more and more drowned out by the bigger doners, the large single issue doners had more and more of a say on the direction of the parties. The green issue that seems to dominate every speech Dave makes is a prime example....I wonder how big a donation one would have to make to have a real say in the direction of the party.....I could think of a few new popular policies we could pursue, if the price was right:-))

  12. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Tonk, that would be Zac 'two private jets' Goldsmith. He who flies a private jet everywhere with fellow save the planet, man types such as Bonehead for U2 etc whilst telling the plebs not to use easyjet for their hols in Spain.

    Dave is a xxxxxx and as much as Conservative as Adolf Hitler was a member of the local synagogue

  13. Speenzman3:58 PM

    "Tonk Speenzman, Blue Labour/Old Labour/New Lib Labia I am afraid they are all in favour of the "European project" aided and abetted by a supine media and sheep who believe their outright lies about the 'benefits' of being in the super-socilaist nanny EU."

    Er, just to point out I was saying I liked the play-on-words that is 'BluLabour', not that I actually like tha party or what it stands for.

  14. Number 64:14 PM

    Spenz, old chap never thought for one second that anyone with the good sense and tast to read this blog would support old new/blue labour.

    I detest all the main three parties and view them as simply sock puppets of the EU.

  15. Speenzman6:44 PM

    "Spenz, old chap never thought for one second that anyone with the good sense and tast to read this blog would support old new/blue labour."

    Glad to hear it :-)

    "I detest all the main three parties and view them as simply sock puppets of the EU."


  16. Anonymous4:57 AM

    I think I live in a nanny state in the USA, but OMG you folks are in much worse shape. Agcheck to buy knives and teaspons, no alcohol if your kids are with you? Tracking spending habits through ID cards? Much much worse shape. OMG. OM dear G.