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Friday, July 03, 2009

Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business
In the halcyon days of yore, pre Nanny (if those days ever really existed), there was a more open and mutually respectful relationship between the police and the public whom they are meant to protect.

Sadly, as Nanny has step by step politicised the police, that relationship has soured somewhat.

An example of this souring is this wee incident that happened recently on the A23 near to Brighton (my residence).

Five police cars and the force helicopter swooped on a red car as it raced down the A23, at speeds thought to exceed the national speed limit.

Motorists saw two patrol cars chasing the red Rover, three more setting up a road block and the police helicopter flying low overhead.

Needless to say, they contacted the local rag.

It turns out that this was a training exercise for Sussex Police.

Fair enough!

However, when the local rag rang up the police to get some background (eg were ordinary drivers put at risk by this etc) here is verbatim (according to the rag) response:

"It is none of The Argus' business and it is none of the business of any member of the public who saw it.

It happens every day of the year and members of the public are always ringing up, if they choose to ring The Argus then that's up to them

That's the spirit lads!

Funny that, I thought that we paid these people's salaries?

It is also rather amusing that the local force thinks that we should mind our own business, given that their CCTV vans (which patrol Brighton's streets) have the following logo emblazoned across the side:

"Smile, you're on CCTV"

Clearly I have misunderstood the relationship between Nanny's police and society.

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  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Ken, I used to respect the old bill. Not any more, they are just nanny's jobsworths on par with the local council bin inspectors.

    They will hit the law abiding citizen with everything they have, but where I live, do bugger all about the chav scum that run riot except send out some plastic plod to take their names down.

    My dealings with plod in days of yore where always polite and respectful nowdays - I am old enough to remember when coppers called you sir - they treat the citizen like shit and let the scum run riot. All very nanny state for sure.

  2. the man from UNCLE11:10 AM

    Ken, it will only get better. How does "your ID card please" sound? Nice eh - coming to your town soon courtesy of the EU and stasi sock puppet Neu Labour.

    Oh dear,mate your card is not in order, step into the car or else I will have to taze you.

    Unthinkable, well just as a single currency and no border control was unthinkable a few years ago.

  3. Ken,

    I think you have hit the nail on the head; The police force have indeed been politicised.
    Most people, myself included, had a great deal of respect for the boys in blue and many of us saw them as a member of the local community and felt we could approach them. A good copper became part of the local community and knew most things that were going on and whom were up to no good.

    The modern police see their role differently, they no longer appear to feel they need to police through consent. They see themselves as the enemy of the people and with the rise in CCTV systems and other electronic advances, they police lazily by remote.

    The police force have become little more, in general terms, than a group of shaven headed, paramilitary thugs dressed in black with a view to intimedate the people. A frightened population is easier for Nanny to control.
    Their role appears to be little more than tax collectors as Nanny uses the criminal justice system as a revenue raiser; This brings the criminal justice system into disrepute and, as people loose respect for it and start to resent it and the police's role in it, so crime will increase.
    The police, due to their political master's policies, appear to put more emphasis on property crime, rather than crimes against the person.

    Having said all that, I am sure there are still a few good coppers out there that went into the police force for the right reasons and I feel sorry for them being surrounded by the thug element that appear to have gone into the job for the power alone.

  4. Number 65:07 PM

    Neu Liebore has thoroughly politicised the bill, just as it has poisioned every aspect of public service with its socialist bile.

    Neu Liebore is the enemy of the people, the bill are just its enforcers - ask anyone who got the shite kicked out of them at the G20 Obamafest. Step out of line at your peril, citizen.

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    In that case, if I see a police officer being beaten up by thugs, my response will also be that it is none of my business, as it works both ways. I wonder if they will be of the same opinion then?

    [Tonk said that The modern police see their role differently, they no longer appear to feel they need to police through consent.]

    Except of course when dealing with incitement to hate and / or commit murder by the adherents of a certain religion, or in response to complaints about travellers setting up illegal campsites.