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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swine Flu Hotline II

Swine Flu
Following on from yesterday's article about Nanny's Swine Flu hotline, I have a few more observations:

1 Nanny's Swine Flu website crashed within the first few hours of operation.

2 A reporter from The Times rang the Swine Flu hotline and found that, although polite, the non medical operative she spoke to was barely literate and had trouble pronouncing basic "medical" words such as "Tamiflu".

3 Nanny's losing candidate in the Norwich election was absent for most of the week, owing to an infection of Swine Flu.

4 Our troops continue to be killed and maimed in a useless and unwinnable war in Afghanistan, this ongoing disgrace is conveniently pushed below the headlines by Swine Flu.

Gives you every confidence that Nanny is managing this well doesn't it?

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  1. When I saw the staff of the call centre on the news channel, it looked like a delegation from the United Nations.

    I read on another website that one caller was asked whether he was conscious or not:-)

    I suspect our respected PM and saviour of the world is rather pleased with the swine flu distraction, as it does take people's minds away from the bigger issues of the day, like the economy, jobs, general standards in political life and of course our wars, that aren't actually ours but, in true Nanny style, we had to get involved in.

  2. And of course it provides at least temporary employment for some newly graduated would-be jobsworths with nil practical experience wanting to get their snouts into Nanny's gravy train of useless occupations and they will presumably vote dutifully for Nanny when instructed to do so.

  3. Anticant beat me to it today. This is a money-making exercise for government lobbyists, Labour's potential funding organisations and Darling's coffers.

    It's helping Nanny Knows Best a little too, I hope.

  4. a couple of interesting links:

    Looks like this could be the tip of a very nasty iceberg.