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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Owl and The Pussycat

Owl and Pussycat
"The owl and the pussycat went to sea,
In a beautiful pea green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money etc

In days of yore, owls, pussycats and any other life form could go to sea without too much interference from Nanny (aside from some sensible rules wrt ships/boats etc).

However, Nanny has now decided that the rules that apply to ships/boats must also apply to all other craft that touch the water's edge.

Surfers, canoeists and families using dinghies could face jail if they are involved in an accident under plans to subject them to the same Department for Transport (DfT) safety rules as oil tankers and cruise liners.

Now before, quite correctly, people state that there are some right idiots out there who put themselves and others in extreme danger by their reckless disregard of safety etc; I would point out that I agree.

My father was in the Merchant Navy, my uncle was in the Royal Navy and my grandfather was in both the Royal and Merchant Navy; I fully get the point about idiots putting people's lives at risk at sea.

However, by applying rules that are meant for tankers and ships etc to all sea vessels/and craft (including surfboards) Nanny is making herself look very foolish indeed.

The real focus of the safety concern is jet skis, which are a complete menace when handled by morons and drunks. These should be subjected to the legislation.

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  1. I suspect these new changes will be geared towards bringing in cash via fines...Kerching.
    Many years ago, I took my RYA Yachtmasters certificate and can remember how difficult learning the International Rules For Preventing Collisions at Sea was.
    This sadly is typical of Nanny, most people with boats are sensible and careful, there are a few morons who have now spoilt it for everyone else. The vast majority of the morons are also morons on land....The type that drives the XR3i or sooped up Gulf gti etc etc with the 2Kw sound system in it....I feel Nanny will find it very difficult to enforce new maritime laws on a unilateral basis but I suppose that enables her to employ a new army of inspectors and enforcement officers and thus creating yet more people dependent on her for their living and therefore, unlikely to stop voting for her.

    Perhaps this is just something similar to the hunting ban....It targets the wealthier section of society and in Labour's view, the class war is still not over.

  2. microdave12:29 PM

    Agreed. @ Tonk, you're showing your age - when did you last see an XR3i?

  3. Tonk.1:27 PM


    I seldom go out now so I can't remember:-))

    I suspect most of them have rotted away by now, just as my 1967 Triumph Vitesse 2L Convertible did Thirty years ago!!

  4. Bucko2:19 PM


    Your 1967 Triumph Vitesse 2L Convertible rotted away when it was only ten years old?
    What did you do to it? :-)

  5. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Microdave, the last XR3 I saw was on the banger track - where they bloody belong, crap boxes.

  6. the man from UNCLE2:25 PM

    Da Yooff today drives clapped out Vauxhall Novas with da sound system cranked man. Dat is why dey is down with da hood.

    Just thought I would let you chaps know that I have my finger on the throbbing pulse of youth culture, despite my advancing age and personal taste toward classic 1960s US automobiles.

  7. Lord of Atlantis2:50 PM

    'Elf'n'bleeding safety again! What is the matter with these people, that they have to interfere with other people's enjoyment? Just how many serious accidents have there been to justify this nonsense? As Tonk suggests, I reckon this has much more to do with raising money, than a genuine concern for the welfare of water users.

  8. Isn't everything banned unless The Government says so?

    The notion of freedom to do as you please (while causing no harm, etcetera etcetera) has long since gone out of the window.

    When exactly did I start to need to walk around with one wheelbarrow full of permits and another full of folding money to pay my daily fines for inadvertently doing things "they" haven't got around to licencing/taxing/issuing permits for yet?

    The saddest, saddest thing of all is the generation of my nephews and nieces who drink whatever it is that they lace the tap water with, bumble along and can't even begin to see the problem.

    With luck I'll be long-since executed and burned/buried/processed before I have to watch my great-nephews and great-nieces parading in their crisp black and brown uniforms at the government rallies.

    I wonder which fat little politician will be giving the speeches and masturbating in front of the hundreds of thousands of cheering "politically correct(ed)" workers, promising a thousand glorious years of Labour/Tory/Green rule under the new (im)purity of the multi-cultural multi-faif (sic) multi-wacial (sic) race?

  9. Tonk.4:10 PM


    The engine, straight six was a lovely beast, it used to keep knocking out half shafts, sadly the bodywork just rotted away especially around the wheel area and flitch panels....Oh I can still remember going down to Ken's part of the world, top down, beach boys on the eight track, dark sunglasses, white teeshirt smelling of aftershave on the pull, seldom did:-) Oh yes, those were the days......

  10. Number 64:50 PM

    Tonk, ha I could outpose you with my 1969 Firebird convertible. Er, I never pulled either, but then my girlfriend at the time was always sure to be riding in the passenger seat to keep an eye on my casting lustful looks at the passing ladeees.

    The Firebird joins a list of classics that I wish I had held onto. Oh, bollocks to Nanny's carbon footprint and pedal to the metal while we are talking cars.

  11. microdave7:39 PM

    @ Tonk - further to my earlier post I've just walked down to the local supermarket, and there in the middle of the carpark was a Mk2 Golf GTI (complete with ridiculously wide wheels) straddling TWO parking spaces!!!

    I asked the security guy if he could get the parking attendant to give him a ticket, but sadly there wasn't one on duty....

  12. Why do they need new legislation?

    If you cause an accident you can already be held liable for your actions, under civil law for property loss or damage or criminal law for injury to people.

  13. Anonymous5:31 AM

    "The real focus of the safety concern is jet skis, which are a complete menace when handled by morons and drunks. These should be subjected to the legislation."

    'fraid I have do disagree here. You can't blame the equipment. It is the morons and drunks who should be subjected to legislation ... but then, let's be frank. If they were, there goes a good chunk of the electorate who voted these clowns in in the first place.


    Uncle nasty

  14. Tonk, you think the old rules of the road were hard for your RYA yachtmasters' try learning them for your foreign going master's orals.
    As they are a legal document we had to be word perfect for the whole lot and all the annexes!
    Lord of Atlantis, I suggest you have a look at the safety digests produced by the MAIB, there are some horror stories in them concerning pleasure craft.
    The recent legislation is classic NuLabor overkill, they occurred because a judge ruled that jet skis were not covered by marine laws as they were not defined as a "ship/vessel".
    So instead of just amending current legislation they went off and did their own thing, hence now everyone is covered!
    You moan about this, wait till you see what they have come up with to enforce no smoking on ships.
    They propose that even ships just passing thru our territorial waters have to put up "No Smoking" signs.
    Now how are they going to enforce that?

  15. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:56 PM

    Barnacle Bill said:
    "They propose that even ships just passing thru our territorial waters have to put up "No Smoking" signs.
    Now how are they going to enforce that?"

    By using fast Naval patrols, any vessel not complying with 'Elf'n'safety requirements will be summarily torpedoed.