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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hypocritical Old So and So!

Salute NannyWhy does Nanny have such a bee in her bonnet over members of the British public sorting and disposing of their waste in a "Nanny type environmentally friendly" manner, when she herself doesn't give a flying fark about who she dumps her shit on?

The Times reports that:

"Britain was accused yesterday of dumping toxic household and industrial waste in developing countries on two continents in breach of an international convention."

Could it be that the environmental excuse is merely a method for her loathed and despised local councils to impose more taxes upon us, in order to pay for their bloated budgets and defined benefit (final salary) pension schemes?

Well yes folks, that's the real reason!

Nanny's despised local councils are desperately short of cash, and need to find ways to raise more. We are being milked dry, like prostrate cattle, by these gangsters.

Isn't it time we told Nanny that enough is enough?

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  1. Sadly Ken I believe you are correct. The politicians have seen a way to impose even more taxation on us and have jumped fully on the bandwagon. Kerching!!
    Yesterday on Gold Radio, they were running adverts from an organisation that wants people to contact them so they can stop littering from cars.....We are becoming, encouraged by Nanny, a nation of tell tale tits. We seem to have grasslines for almost everything now, what is more worrying is that many people use them to grass on their fellow citizens....This is more likely to divide the nation, apparently Nanny also encourages children to grass on their own parents; This will improve the atmosphere at home I don't think....Ahhhh, that's her plan, alienate the kids from their parents and take them into care.....Nanny is obviously more devious than we imagined.

    The question that needs to be asked is this; How can a free trade area impose fines on independent nation states. We have an orgaisation that, on the whole is unelected and undemocratic (EU) able to impose fines on our country if we dispose of our own waste in our own landfil sites. How has our nation allowed it to come to this.

    What the idiots in our local authorities have forgotten is this; We went onto a weekly waste collection because the lava of most flies hatch in eight days. The weekly bin collection stops us from being over run with flies. There appear to be more flies about since our neighbouring council in Bracknell, led by someone the national press call the bin Czar, changed to fortnightly bin collections, having travelled to the people's republic of Bracknell the other evening to have a meal in a town centre restuarent, I was horrified to see the number of rats in the town centre that appeared to be running around freely and not frightened of people. I just hope my home town of Wokingham never adopts such a silly bin policy, especially now that we have entered into a joint venture regarding waste management with the People's Republics of both Bracknell and Reading.

  2. How might one ecologically dispose of six hundred and fifty politicians?

    Has anyone ever up-ended one to see if there's some sort of "Care & Disposal" label sewn on the underside?

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:11 PM

    W.S.Badfellowe said:
    "How might one ecologically dispose of six hundred and fifty politicians?"

    By sending them in one of those big yellow flasks to Sellafield for reprocessing.

    "Has anyone ever up-ended one to see if there's some sort of "Care & Disposal" label sewn on the underside?"

    I think you'd find them labelled "toxic waste" with special disposal required (see above).

  4. Want to know what really annoys me even more than this sort of nonsense?

    It's the thought that future generations will like as not wander around the family seat in years to come and pause in front of my portrait.

    Will they enthuse in reverential tones about the clever things I've achieved with the re-animation of hamster organs or my magnificent advances in electric shock bladder-control training for the elderly? No! Will they buggery. What they'll mutter about is how the poor old sod lived during the "reign" of the most incredibly mediocre, intellectually and morally bankrupt bunch of thieving wankfest organising "politicians" in the history of the planet.

    History will paint us all in shades of miserable and mediocre. Nothing else will matter. The Victorians invented steam and an empire, the whatever-we-will-be-calleds invented fiddled expenses and spinelessness.


  5. microdave1:44 PM

    Tonk, I wonder why there isn't a "Grass Line" to report useless politicians, and local government?

    And referring to the fly situation, this is probably a deliberate policy to help reverse the decline in migrant bird numbers.....

  6. Tonk.4:18 PM

    I suspect there is no grassline to report useless politicians because no telephone companies would take it on as they know it would be so over used, it would jam up their network.

    W.S. Badfellowe:

    You Ask:
    "How might one ecologically dispose of six hundred and fifty politicians?"

    May I be so bold as to suggest, we use that modern folly known as the channel tunnel; We could get all our politicians and other undesirables to enter through the northern mouth and we could get all the European politicians and bureaucrats to enter via the sourthern mouth, once they are all safely inside, we could pump in the fast acting concrete thus, killing two birds with one stone....Heaven!!

  7. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Sort of off topic but ...

    I nipped into Lakeside at Thurrock the other day. I didn't really need to buy anything but, ever the optimist, I thought “there's bound to be some swine walking round spreading Swine Flu. I'll maybe pick up a cheap dose before it mutates”.

    And lo and behold, tonight I've got a sore head, sore throat and runny nose!

    I've never had flu before. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing given that for most of the war, people in Hiroshima had never been bombed by the Americans.

    Anyway, I ended up buying The Departed on DVD. So I'll better watch it while there's still time.

  8. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Anonymous Darling, that's not off topic at all.

    How are the tomatoes coming along?

  9. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Thanks Anonymous Sweetie!

    The red tomatoes are doing just fine, but as I'm sure you know from today's copy of the Times, the weather in Moscow is inclement tonight!

  10. Anonymous9:31 PM

    The weather won't be a problem since the black dog will be on the bridge at midnight wearing a mackintosh. Bring the money. I have the goods.

  11. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Anonymous Sweetie.

    How many times have I told you before? “Put that bottle down”!

    Anyway, I'm about a quarter of the way through The Departed. The bit where Jack Nicholson is overseeing Leonardo DiCaprio having his hand smashed on the pool table to see if he's a cop.

    Seems as good a way as any to me!

  12. John B Stryge5:05 PM

    How to dispose of Politicians? During the Great Mad Cow Disease scare they said the only safe things to eat were politicians - no brain and no backbone.

  13. Anonymous7:23 PM

    "History will paint us all in shades of miserable and mediocre. Nothing else will matter. The Victorians invented steam and an empire, the whatever-we-will-be-calleds invented fiddled expenses and spinelessness."

    Don't forget THE HUGE AMOUNTS OF DEBT!