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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Brother - We Like To Watch

Big Brother
You know how Nanny and her acolytes get very upset when adults (usually) parents try to take harmless photos of their own children (eg at sports days, school plays etc etc)?

Well don't you think that it is rather "ironic" that, having banned parents from photographing their own children, Nanny is happily monitoring kids via CCTV in schools?

Nanny's chums at Stockwell Park High have excelled themselves in their enthusiasm for watching children via CCTV. The school has installed nearly 100 security cameras (costing £60K) to monitor classrooms, corridors and play areas.

In fact, the comprehensive wants to install CCTV in every classroom.

Stockwell Park High currently has two cameras in 28 classrooms (56 in total), and another 40 cameras in corridors, stairwells and outdoor areas.

This of course serves Nanny's ultimate purpose, she wants to condition the kids to accept being watched. That way, when they become adults, they won't object to Nanny continuing to watch them.

Given this predilection of Nanny to video other people's children, why does she forbid parents to do the same to their own kids?

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  1. A smug IT 'expert' interviewed about this on Channel Four news last night tried to make out that the intention was to improve teachers' performance, so that they could review their effectiveness in classroom lessons and learn to do better!

    What was spooky about this gent was that he didn't seem to comprehend how anybody could possibly disagree with him about the 'benefits' of this scheme.

  2. Anonymous3:13 PM

    The reason is simple - nanny hates competition!

  3. debbie3:13 PM

    My teenage nieces think Im crazy when I go on and on about how they have no sense of privacy what with facebook and constant texting and my sister taking pictures of them doing any old mundane thing. When they went to the bible camp I used to go to 100 years ago i was shocked that there was a webcam on the camps websites so the overbearing parents of the US can watch the activities. I warn them of the cctv cameras in Britain and to make no mistake, we are next, and with them not even caring about a right to privacy, they will go like sheep to the slaughter. When i go on like that, they think im nuts. it doesnt occur to them that someone might use survalience as a way to hurt them. I tell them I may be paranoid, but it doenst mean Im not right.


  4. Number 63:41 PM

    And who will monitor who monitors the kids. Nanny will have to appoint a cctv child protection compliance officer. Salary £56,000 pa plus pension. Naturally, a nice shiny hi vis vest will come with the job.

    Next up, ankle bracelets to ensure kids can be monitored at all times in school and on the way to school and in home.Could never happen could it, I mean imagine nanny snooping through your dustbins to ensure you have placed the 'correct' rubbish in it.

  5. Tonk.4:17 PM

    Ken, I agree with your thoughts;

    I think this is part of Nanny's conditioning of our youngsters.....If they are constantly being monitored, then they will not object, once they are adults, to being snooped on. I see some schools are taking finger prints of the kids and their parents, for their own protection of course!! Yeah right:-))...I have nothing to hide but I do object to constantly having to prove the fact.

    I suspect ankle bracelets are not that likely for tracking purposes, I suspect an implanted chip complete with ID data inserted into the kids neck in the matarnity unit when first born.....It may sound far fetched but, who over the age of forty would have thought England would have become such a police authoritarian state; especially under labour?

    It really worries me when I look at what my country has become and how far Nanny's yes sheep have allowed it to go.

  6. Anonymous7:43 PM


    Going to the bible camp didn't seem to do you much harm.

    Your mind's still pretty sharp for your age!

  7. This monitoring is all very well as far as it goes but there are some serious loopholes. I am extremely worried that our children (aw bless!) will extremeistalise themselves or be vulnerable to extremalists during the nine months of those early formative years in the womb.

    Can I still say "womb"?


    Anyway, to combat baby extremism I hereby call for womb-cams to be monitored by the spare capacity in the NHS Service. The costs of the womb-cams could be met by a small Licencetious Charge Licenting the parent to be pregnantist of, say, a low initial figure of £99 rising exponentiallistically with each child.

    Early signs of extremeophilia could then be stamped out by moving in Socialist Service Servants from the Social Services with expert social knowledge and stuff to re-educate the foetuseses. Foetii?

    Dear God - won't somebody think of the unmonitored unborn children?

  8. Sir Henry Morgan5:08 PM

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