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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Death of ID Cards

The Death of ID Cards
Not with a bang, but with a whimper, we see the long painful demise of Nanny's much ridiculed ID cards scheme.

Nanny has now decreed that ID cards will not longer be compulsory. Thus giving would-be urban (locally born) terrorists and criminals an incentive to have one (as only "really honest" people - in Nanny's view - would ever carry one).

Terrorists and criminals aside, the rest of us will of course not bother shelling out the money for these absurd documents, thus rendering the entire concept utter bollocks!

Quite why Nanny does not put this failed, money wasting, scheme out of its misery I don't know.

In case you need reminding, here is why ID cards are bollocks see link:

Why ID Cards Are Bollocks

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  1. Don't get too excited, Ken. The physical cards may have been dropped but the National ID Database is being kept, as is the data harvesting for it from passport applications. Anyone wanting a holiday away from the dump and who needs to renew their passport will have "volunteered" for everything apart from the card. Before long there'll be enough people on it for the bastards to start making life without a card difficult and annoying. In other words it'll be de facto compulsory cards by stealth - you won't be made to have one but your life will be made bloody difficult until you give in. The whole sorry mess needs to be ditched, not just the compulsory cards.

  2. I agree with angry exile; The card itself may not be compulsory at this stage but, everything that goes with it still is. Anyone with any thoughts that the database state was anything other than a bad thing needs only look to the recent case over in Slough, here a woman was put onto a database for potentially violent people, the information was shared with fifty four other databases. The woman's crime? She complained forcefully that the Local Nanny was not doing her job in relation to a criminal damage incident.

    I suspect anyone that wants to open a new bank account will need an ID card....Not compulsory but, no ID card...Sorry we can't offer you an account.
    I am sure anyone wanting a benefit from Nanny will need a card as it is likely to be the only type of ID Nanny will accept.
    Access to the NHS...ID card please.
    Access to further education...ID card please.
    Job within the public sector....ID card please.
    Arrested and held until you can prove your ID....What will be the only acceptable form....ID card please.

    I suspect the EUSSR will continue to insist that our Nanny implements this scheme and as the number of cards issued due to the items above increases, then it would be easier to make it compulsory.

    Just because I might sound paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after me.

  3. Number 611:58 AM

    Like all Nu Labour lies the dropping of the card is only part of the story. The d'base remains. To add that that the ID base and cards is EU driven, and as we all know when Frau Nanny says jump UK Nanny hitches her bloomers up and jumps as high as she is told to.

  4. Not paranoid, Tonk, unless I am too.

    Our government are past masters of the drip, drip implementation of unpopular nannying. They will continue to lie and propagandise to create a shift in public opinion. Objecting to having an ID card will be made to appear anti-social.

    At the same time, as you point out, things that we 'desire' will require an ID card to whittle away at those whose dislike of them is not very strong.

    Government will be able to hold to their promise of cards not being compulsory as they will become required by the establishments you mention. Private companies will see them as a boon.

    Unless the whole scheme is scrapped, they're still on their way to all of us at some point.

    ... at a cost of £5bn. A pox on this Labour administration, they have destroyed this country sure as if they had nuked us all.

  5. ID cards out . . . subcutaneous microchips in. Just wait for it.

  6. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Yip. It's called spin. It's what this government does.

    When they said many years ago, they wouldn't raise taxes, they meant income tax. They switched their emphasis to stealth taxes instead.

    When Jacqui Smith said the Government wouldn't implement the phone/web-usage database, she meant, private companies would implement it instead.

    And likewise, if it were true that the Government had abandoned the id card, then the means of producing the card would stop. Instead, as others have mentioned, they'll just switch their emphasis from the card, to id requirements.

    A few months ago I found myself caught up in a bureaucratic tussle with a company in London. I told them: “I'm trying to give you my money, why are you trying so hard to stop me?”. They said it wasn't their fault, they had to adhere to the Government's requirements for id.

    I had to download and print a form, fill it in, attach a photo of myself and then take it into town to have my bank manager sign it to confirm I was the person in the photo. Of course, if I had had the id card the whole thing would have been completed in a fraction of the time.

    So yes, be prepared for a change of emphasis with many more reasons to have to produce id. Eventually we'll all need photographic identification to buy a roll of toilet paper, along with evidence of proof that we've completed all necessary health & safety training to enable us to use it safely.

  7. Anonymous5:15 PM

    The 'not carrying a card' pish is a smoke screen. Having to carry a card is irrelevant - it's the huge, invasive and insecure database behind it that is the problem.

    This was always about collecting vast amounts of personal data for the express purpose of surveilling the population AND selling the data to the highest bidder.

    The requirement of the ID 'Card' to transact for various age restricted merchandise is only the start. It will extend into every area of our lives and put everything it collects in a large user (hacker) friendly repository.

    That's if the f***tards in power don't lose the data in the post first.

    The DVLA selling our details shows us the precedent for and intention of selling private information that we are compelled to give to companies.

    And if they manage to push a National DNA database through, be prepared to have data about your very essence sold to healthcare companies.

  8. Tonk.6:52 PM

    Anon and others make a good point regarding the stealth nature of many of Nanny's diktats.....Here's another example....My wife went into "Harrods for Chavs" (argos) to purchase a television for our eldest grandaughter for her birthday....The checkout drone took the money and asked for name and address for the guarantee....My wife, rather stupidly gave the information....My Grandaughters name but, because she could not remember our daughters house number and postcode, she gave our home address. Now, bearing in mind my grandaughter has never lived at our address in her life and is only thirteen years old, I was somewhat surprised to receive within a couple of weeks of the said transaction, a letter addressed to my grandaughter at my address telling her she needs to buy a tv license. Argos and other tv retaillers are required to collect names and addresses from purchasers of equipment capable of receiving tv pictures and then pass the details on to the military wing of the BBC; TV Licensing.

    I wonder if Sky and Virgin must do the same when someone signs up for a cable or satelite tv contract.

    With the news that a major high street chemist chain is likely to help collect data for the ID scheme and that a major credit reference agency is also keen to help Nanny, it does seem private companies are all too willing to go along with Nanny's plans.

    I also hear that both a major British telecommunications company and a major British owned media entertainment company that also runs an airline are already keeping a database of people's internet habbits which will then be sold to advertisers for direct marketing purposes via the web.

    I too was very angry when I learned that DVLA sold on driver's details to third parties and that one could not stop ones details being sold on....I also do not like the DVLA offering prizes for people to renew car tax on line....Surely their remit is to collect the said tax not give our money away as prizes.

  9. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Yes Tonk,

    Conventional wisdom used to be that when the shop assistant asked for an address, the response should be along the lines of:

    The TV is a present for my dear aunt Grizelda. She lives at:

    103 Temple Street,

    BS98 1TL.

    Not many people know that TVL also have their headquarters at that address.

  10. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I should have added the other factoid that 99% of the BS I have to put up with in life comes from BS98 1TL.

  11. Two rental addresses ago about a month before I was due to leave I started receiving threats from al-BBC about removing little chubby and the trouser dumplings if I didn't buy a TV licence.

    The address was a cottage in the middle of a farm in Norfolk and accessible only via a single single-track driveway. The landlord lived next door and his chief joy in life seemed to be shooting things morning, noon and night. Whenever he got bored he'd invite his Young Farmer friends over and they'd shoot things en masse. I spent many a happy evening with the furniture piled against the door, writing my will.

    Since I already had a TV licence at that address I started writing "holed up with plenty of fire power" and "you'll never take me alive" and "tax is theft" on the envelopes and posting them back to al-BBC, licensing wing.

    I often wonder if there was a gunfight at the OK coral after I left. al-BBC agents versus Farmer Giles.

    In the three years or so since then the National paranoia has increased so much that I wouldn't dream of inviting trouble in such a reckless manner again.

    Shame. A lot of the fun has gone out of living. Nowadays I limit myself to night-time raids to tie nuts and bolts to the brushes of the automated car wash at the BMW dealership across the road. try it yourself - the first wash in the morning is always spectacular.

  12. So you haven't heard about the mandatory barcode graphic tatooed on at birth instead? Only joking. Possibly.