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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nanny Bans T Shirts

Worried about freedom of speech?

Worried about being able to express a political opinion in public?

Well now there's no reason to worry anymore.

Nanny has removed the right to freedom of expression.

That at least is the case for those of you who express your opinions by wearing T shirts with slogans.

Charlotte Dennis was innocently attending the Midland Game Fair in Staffordshire, minding her own business, when suddenly Nanny's police grabbed her and dragged her into a police car.

They informed her that she was committing an offence.

Her offence?

She was wearing a T shirt with the slogan "Bollocks To Blair" emblazoned across the chest.

Nanny's police eventually released her, without charge, only after she agreed to cover her T shirt up.

Frightened and worried?

You should be.

May I suggest that you invest in the fine Nanny Knows Best T shirt, as advertised in the right hand menu bar.

Nanny will doubtless be soon banning them, making them collectors' items.


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Pity she didn't stand up for herself and ask them exactly which offence she is commiting. Get them to tell her exactly where it says the words 'bollocks to blair' cannot be displayed on a T-Shirt.

    You really should include source articles when posting, otherwise we may start to think you are talking bollocks.

    I love the word bollocks. It's so British I feel all patriotic.


  2. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Notice that it was at a game fair where she got arrested, full of all those nasty middle-class hunting' shootin' and fishin' types. Do you think Plod would have been as quick to arrest someone wearing an identical shirt at, say, an anti-war rally? Don't think so, somehow.

  3. I'll tell you what, here's a solution that should satisfy everyone:

    Send your Bollocks to Blair T-shirts over here, and in exchange we'll send you these. That way everyone can express themselves without fear of harrassment or intimidation (figure the odds on anyone in Britain being arrested for wearing a Bush-bashing T-shirt, or ditto for anyone in the States bashing Blair). We are, after all, essentially talking about two incarnations of the same individual.

  4. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Part of the great emotional and social struggle of living in a democracy is that you have to put up with what other people think, even if it happens to be anathema to whatever your own world view espouses. Personally I find the views of the adherents of most major world religions thoroughly offensive; it still doesn't mean I think I have the right to indoctrinate other people in what I think, or that I should embark on a Holy War to 'convert' them to good little apatheists (one who believes in God, but really doesn't care either way).

    The lady in question might have pointed out that she can walk into any major music store in the world and buy a copy of "Never Mind the Bollocks (Here's the Sex Pistols)" by the Sex Pistols. That case was won already - so is the issue that the word 'Bollocks' appear on the t-shirt, or that it refers to Der Fuhrer? - Police Officers endeavouring to prosecute people on either basis should address their letters of resignation to....

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I was at the Burghley Horse Trials earlier in the month and was tempted to buy a "Bollocks to Blair" T-shirt from the Countryside Alliance stall.

    The CA stall was doing a brisk trade selling the T-shirts and quite a few people were wearing them. Interestingly, I saw no Plods wandering around but they would have been in a sticky position trying to arrest and caution all those "Bollocks" T-shirts.

    This is something to worry about. If this kind of police action is not resisted, we will be one step nearer to a dictatorship in Britain.

  6. Anonymous10:53 AM


    do you have any "Bollocks to the Bar Steward" in stock? I'd definitely buy one!

  7. Alan

    your wish is my command!


  8. Anonymous4:40 PM


    you're a diamond geezer! I'll be ordering a T-shirt tout suite!


  9. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Will the 'Maggie's Dead' T-shirts be banned too?

  10. Anonymous12:10 AM

    So what's happened to freedom of speech? I thought we had a right to fredom of speech and to disagree with public servants such as politicians. All of a sudden they erroniously think that they are our masters. They are not, we are theirs as Blair himself has acknowleged. But, give them a little power and they eventually corrupt. They would like to stop freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of choice, freedom to protest, freedom to vote. (Think I'm joking? Been involved in any local Labour rallys recently? I have, what I learned is shocking.) If freedom of expression is now being stamped on I expect that we can soon look forward to protest songs being banned, books being banned and anything which is disapproved of by government being banned. So, - When do the first book burnings begin?

  11. Anonymous12:17 AM

    lets face it, you let it happen. you were promised a referendum
    and never got it. you dont even live under crown law.i live in the
    us ,we have rights, unlike the nanny europe! we have the right to free speech, to defend your family 49% of american homes own firearms.i have right to plead the fifth not, to be searched, and no one can walk into my home.they will leave in body bag. i still live under crown law. you guys & gals need a revolution. enjoy