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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nanny's Contraceptive Hot Water Bottle

Nanny's Contraceptive Hot Water BottleI do like it when people fight back against Nanny and her nonsense.

The cockles (can I say cockles?) of my heart were particularly warmed by this tale of resistance, mounted by nurses at certain independent schools.

It seems that some independent schools have had an attack of Nannyitis, and are attempting to ban their pupils using contraceptives.

Now call me old fashioned.

You're old fashioned Ken.

Thank you!

However, surely these schools cannot seriously think that increases in the cases of VD, AIDS and pregnancies are better than their "moral principles" on teenage sex being broken?

Well seemingly they do think that.

Anyhoo, some spirited nurses have decided to mount a guerilla resistance to this daft ban.

Delegates at the RCN independent school nurses sub-group annual conference, in London the other week, said they use a variety of strategies to get around bans on contraception at their schools.

One said that she blatantly lied on the budget.

"We are not allowed to buy condoms. We do not have a budget for them so I put them down as hot water bottles".

Another said that she got round the ban at her school, by developing a good relationship with her local pharmacist.


"I ring up Boots and say I am sending down someone for free emergency contraception."

A third said that she goes to her own GP and asks for large batches of condoms for herself, which she then gives to pupils.

RCN sexual health adviser, Kathy French, said:

"Giving out condoms is not about promoting sex. It is about trying to improve young people's health."


Shame on these schools for sticking to dogma, in the face of a serious public health issue.