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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hoisted By Her Own Petard

Hoisted By Her Own PetardYou will doubtless recall all the fuss that erupted when Anne Robinson described the Welsh as being "irritating and annoying".

Nanny's police in the province managed to burn their way through £4k investigating 12 complaints by people who felt that Anne had "broken the law".

You will also recall how I mused rather wistfully the other day, in my post about "Nanny's Dirty Diary", that Anne Robinson had been investigated for something far more trivial than Blairy's comments about the Welsh.

"Fucking Welsh" I believe he said, following on from the Welsh Assembly elections in 1999.

Surely far worse than "irritating and annoying"?

Well, guess what?

Some people have complained, and Nanny's police in North Wales are now going to investigate.

The North Wales Police are seeking the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service, money well spent!

Who lodged the complaint?

Well take your pick; a whole series of Welsh groups were annopyed at this "henious" breach of the law, including nationalist political party Plaid Cymru (Welsh for "Party of Wales") have said they would lodge complaints about the alleged comments.

This site wishes Nanny well in her "self examination".

Maybe she may now consider revsing some of her laws, in view of this absurd waste of time and money?


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Naughty, naughty Nanny for using such foul language.

    It seems that the North Wales police are involved with this one as they were with the complaints against Ann Robinson.North Wales must be a remarkably crime free spot if the plods there can spend time and tax payers money on such trivial matters.

    Still I expect Naany's chums will ride to the rescue

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Nope, north wales has the one of the worst records in the country for crimes that most people would regard as serious. As well as getting involved in c*** like this latest case it runs an ongoing war against motorists. It would seem the PCs have no time left to deal with burglaries and muggings.....

  3. I think this is yet another of example of why I thank God my great-great-grandfather decided that life in North Wales wasn't much of an existence and that it was time to take his family the hell out of there.

    I can only imagine, useless and obnoxious as I am now, how much more so I would be if he had decided to stay there.

    Although I've never had the opportunity to visit Wales, it saddens me to read (and hear first-hand from friends who've visited recently) that it is a prime example of the by-product of entrenched socialism.


  4. Anonymous: No they will recruit a special intelligence task force from that other remarkably crime free area of the UK...Nottingham.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Interested to read the comments so far. My tongue was firmly in cheek when I made my original comments about North Wales being crime free.

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    i knew right wingers supported suicide bombers, and tthe holocaust but i suppose this si why you want nanny to not ban people from saying they support suiocide bombing, and why you support the right of men to rape women, and the right of everything possible that is evil to be done to other nationalities, but if anything bad is done to the english then yopur hair stands on end, and your media barracks, and force that person to be fired, you atre scum, hypocrits, and enemies