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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nanny Bribes Truants

Nanny Bribes TruantsNanny has been greatly alarmed by the recent statistics that show her "educashun" policies are failing.

Aside from the number of university dropouts, she is very worried about the persistent level of truancy from her "gleaming spires" of academia.

Some 70000 children a day are "bunking off" school, despite Nanny spending £1BN on trying to improve discipline.

To this end, she has come up with a brilliant plan.

Children will be let off their homework, as a reward for turning up to school regularly.

A sure fire winner!

Teachers have been told to offer "incentives" to pupils to encourage good attendance.

How about giving them a good clip round the ear, if they don't turn up?

Nanny's incentives, according to suggestions on Nanny's Teachernet website, include running a class quiz or giving pupils a day off their homework.


"Consider offering incentives for good attendance.

These might be computer time, a class quiz or contest, a homework-free day and so on;

whatever is close to the desires of your particular class

As Alan Smithers, Professor of Education at the University of Buckingham, said:

"If you have got somebody who isn't attending school and you say if you attend school you won't have to do your homework, I don't know quite what that signals."

I can tell him; it signals that there is no point going to school, as you won't be expected to do anything anyway.

Nanny needs a good thrashing for her stupidity.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    My girlfriend's 13 year old son (she's been a single parent since he was 3), has what I believe are called "behavioural problems" - he is actually a horrible little sod).

    Anyway, he has started to attend school from lunchtimes only, so he can have a lie in. The schools reponse is that if he turns up every day on time for the next week, they will buy him a present! (and before anyone asks, his mum has given up and I just avoid the little bastard.)

  2. Imagine if schools did the right thing by setting challenging curricula that made kids actually want to learn. Tee emphasis would be on the fundamentals, tied in to actual application of these to life in the real world. Additionally, schools would probably have much less trouble with truancy if they actually stopped teaching to the level of the slowest/least motivated learners in the class and allowed the brighter students to progress and advance at the fastest level they could. Who wants to learn when their intelligence is being insulted?