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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nanny's Dirty Diary

Nanny's Dirty DiaryNanny's party conference, the modern day equivalent of the Nuremburg rally, is upon us once again.

It is now time to prick her inflated bubble of self congratulation; so "eloquently" espoused by John Despot, when he opened the conference by telling the delegates that they should all give each other a hug/handshake of congratulations for their "achievements".

Nauseating shit!

The best way to do this is from within, Lance Price (former deputy to Alastair Campbell) has given the media the ammunition to do just that.

Price has published a book, "The Spin Doctor's Diary", which gives a frank account of the tantrums and cynicism of Blairy's inner circle.

Amongst the goodies contained with in the book are the following:
  • Blairy privately seemed to "relish" sending British forces to Iraq as his "first blooding", while publicly claiming he did it "with a heavy heart"; ie he is two faced.

  • Blairy referred to the "f****** Welsh" when an election in the principality was going against Labour. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the police spend £4K investigating Anne Robinson for something far more trivial?

  • Blairy made up policies on the hoof with his spin doctors, sometimes minutes before appearing on television.
Price also claims that the media was bullied, browbeaten and bribed with favours to report Labour favourably, and that the BBC reveals its questions in advance to Blair at press conferences in return for their reporters being chosen to ask their questions first.

I think we knew that anyway.

Price claims that the cabinet was often reduced to the role of bystanders, as Blair and his spin doctors made the big decisions.

Price also claims that two of Nanny's officials had sex on a sofa in Blairy's office in Labours Millbank HQ, as cabinet ministers celebrated their second election landslide victory yards away in 2001.

I hope it was "safe sex"!

According to Price, Blairy also has admitted that private schools "give kids a much better education"; and that he wants to privatise parts of the NHS.

As one senior politician in Germany in the early thirties remarked:

"The gangsters are now running the country".


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Did he say what two had sex on the sofa. One was probably David Blunkett. Being visually impaired is a plus if you are having sex with Gordon Brown and trying to gain a better position in his cabinet.

  2. It would indeed to be interesting to discover who it was and was it same sex sex. I wonder if they claimed sexual harassment for being shown the door.

  3. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Although not a Blair supporter by any means, I should point out the same sleaze took place while the Tories were in power prior to 1997. And don't forget that in 1982 Thatcher sent 200 British soldiers to their deaths in the Falklands in order to win an election. A year beforehand she withdrew Naval patrols from the Falklands knowing full well Argentina would invade. In the cesspit of British politics the scum always rise to the top whoever's in power. Pete