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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nanny Bans Bicycles

Nanny Bans BicyclesNanny issues so many warnings and instructions to us, about how we should live our lives, that she sometimes gets herself into a bit of a muddle.

Poor old Nanny!

One such instance of this mental confusion occurred the other day.

Nanny's chums in Bournemouth District Health Trust have banned nurses in their area from cycling.


Obvious really, it seems that Nanny is worried that the nurses will be attacked and their syringes and needles will be stolen.

Nanny seems to have forgotten that she has told us to take more exercise.

District nurse Kathy Archer, who does her rounds by bike, thinks that this is bollocks.

She has never been attacked, and notes that cycling keeps her fit, cuts pollution and saves her trust £1,000 a year in fuel bills.

The Royal College of Nursing also thinks that the ban is bollocks, though they in fact use a far more polite word:



  1. I'm going to ask a stupid question: Do nurses usually carry needles and syringes when they're off duty (biking or otherwise)? If not, then this is indeed one particularly moronic, ill-thought piece of local legislation.

    What's next? Diabetics being prohibited from buying needles and syringes and instead being required to go to their doctor or the clinic three or more times per day to get their insulin injections? After all, we have to ensure that they're not giving their needles to addicts (oops, maybe I shouldn't be putting fresh ideas into Nanny's head).

  2. I think that she bikes on the job, so to speak.

    That being said, she has never been mugged; so it seems a daft ban.

    But then, so does very other ban and edict that Nanny issues.


  3. Anonymous5:25 PM

    As always Nanny wants the innocent to change their behaviour instead of the guilty.

    In order to stop nurses being mugged the obvious answer is to remove the criminals.

  4. Ah but removing the criminals would mean having policemen away form doing their real job of filling in forms to send to Whitehall to keep the army of dependent on the government employees busy. Much too difficult.

  5. Anonymous5:11 PM

    My wife is a nurse. The answer is no they do not. Nor do they carry anything else worth stealing (apart from handbags, obviously !)