Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Drink Yourself To Death This Christmas

Drink Yourself To Death This ChristmasJust a friendly reminder, now that Christmas is rapidly approaching.

The most effective way of annoying Nanny is to do things that she hates.

Specifically drinking.

Please take this opportunity to stick two fingers up at her and buy some booze; not only will it annoy her, it will also provide me with a few pennies if you use the booze link in the right hand menu to make your purchases.




  1. Cheers Ken, have a great Christmas!!

  2. Ken:

    My apologies that I can't buy the discount booze from your site (NICE selections, by the way, especially of the Chilean wines); otherwise I'd gladly contribute to the fattening of your billfold.

    For those on this side of the Atlantic, I recommend going one better this holiday season: brew your own beer and drink yourself silly (or help a fellow homebrewer polish off their excess stock). Homemade beer is nearly always superior to the commercial mass-produced urine that most of the public drinks and has the added benefit of depriving Uncle and his State offspring of tax revenue.

    A toast to seasonal excess....

    Cheers and Happy Holidays, everyone!